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Added: 13/10/2012 - 06:01PM
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Last updated at 13:41, 30 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 18:01, 13 Oct 2012

Adds Map Markers to various unmarked locations, such as nordic and dwemer ruins, ritual sites, and other things not covered by my other mods ;-)

I was inspired by the mod "The Cartographers Map Markers" by Feyawen, but decided to try myself.

Does not require nor cover Dawnguard or Hearthfire.


Should be compatible to anything, if you use any mod that also adds map markers (like the one mentioned above), you will simply have 2 markers at that place ;-)



- Added some new markers

- Initial release


Map Markers Places of Interest
Map Markers Complete

Included in Map Markers Complete
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Be aware that this Map Markers must still be discovered like any other in vanilla game. If you visit a location before installing this mod the marker will not be there. To test if it is installed you may travel to a location that is marked (look at the screenshots). Or you may use the console command "tmm 1 1 0" to turn all map markers (also vanilla) on (be sure to safe your game before this since this action cannot be undone!).


Feel free to use my mod in any way you want, including chaning, rewriting or using parts of it. If uploading anything that uses parts of my work, please tell me via PM and give credit. Thanks :-)