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Moonshadow Elfs .....
The Greatest of all the Elven Races..

The last Survival died 25 Years after the
Events of the Oblivion Crisis, the name of
the Survival was Laethilia (inwe Miriel).... But now she
Is Reborned. This time with the dragonblood in her veins
she must learn to use the power of the voice as the prophecy says
and save the world.

Join forces with her to fulfil her destiny and defeat
Alduin and his Minions once and for all.......

Oblivion Mod ----> Moonshadow Lop Ear Elf ---->
Oblivion Mod ----> Story Of Laethilia ---->




Passive Skills:
Elemental Protection
resist to fire, frost, shock, disease by 10%
Dragon Skin
resist damage 10%


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Bethesda For Such great Game
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