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*New Beta is up as may Oct 27th.


23rd Rain's Hand, 288, The Far East Fleet left the port of Black Harbor carrying the Uriel Septim V and The Expeditionary Force consisted of four of the Emperor's legions. After six weeks at sea, The Far East Fleet landed and captured a small abandoned port in Akavir. The port was at once expanded and renamed Septimia. Once completed, the Emperor marched farther inland; capturing and re-founding another city as Ionith. While remolding Ioneth into a proper imperial capital, a nation of serpents known only as the Tseasci attacked. History tells us that Ionith and Septemia were besieged. History would have it that the Emperor rallied his personal guard in a dying effort to hold off the Tsaesci horde while the surviving imperials escaped to the fleet. History has lied.. Time has shrouded Akavir in a cloak of legends that have kept her secret for centuries, but in an ancient shipwreck a captains log has now re-shown the way.. Will you be the one to unlock her secrets? The Lost Colonies of Akavir awaits.

Kudos man, you're awesome Saio (The video is from Many betas ago..)-

*Skyrim More Monstermod NOT required anymore.

BE WARNED: This is a BETA, be patient.

Compatibility: Works with Everything

DIFFICULTY: Leveled (All NPCs are leveled)

STARTS: At docks of Solitude, a trapdoor on one of the boats. (Will improve)(coc entranceboat)

Questlines still to come (Goal of next patch, since the first patch apparently..)

**The Purple textures remain until somebody helps out with LOD.***

Thanks for the awesome motovation and coverage SaioTV!
Credits to Muppetpuppet, Scot and 514Y32, Pino69 for things I say in the credits
frankdema for the AMAZING armour mod, the original is here (
GKB Green trees for all the great trees. You Complete ME... or my mod rather.