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Added: 12/10/2012 - 03:51PM
Updated: 23/02/2017 - 11:46PM

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Last updated at 23:46, 23 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 15:51, 12 Oct 2012

Hi and welcome on my mod. This mod add a lingerie shop located in Sollitude. A totally new kind of the with new textures, new items and a sweet atmosphere...
You can find more than 40 pieces of lingerie with pushup effet. It gives you a more natural effect with the tight clothes. The breasts are not wood, they own a physic. According to the clothing worn they change shape and adapt. This mod corrects that. The effect is more noticeable if you have a character with a big chest.

The Pushup body called also ( CBBEPU ) is a modified body from Caliente made by me. It "equip" the most of my clothing mods to give a more natural effect with the tight clothes. That why all my mods are uncompatible with other type of body . This body works perfectly with all the CBBE original bodies. See my others mods to see more examples. It doesn't replace anything.

version 1.3 (currently version)

Version 1.4

- Missing textures are fixed.
- Delete protected content.

Version 1.3

- "Guépière" are fixed.
- Manakin black head fixed.
- Black and motif body has benn remeshed to avoid cliping on the right breast.

Version 1.2

- Fix the bug of the "empty chest".
- Fix the dark head of the vendor.

Version 1.0

- Make sure tu use the lastest update or the desired version.
- Make sure you have the lighe ''bEnableFileSelection=1'' in SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher].
- Make sure "SweetandSexy Lingerie.esp" is checked in Data Files in the Skyrim launcher or in Nexus mod Manager.
- If you update, copy files into data directory and click Ok to overwrite files.

If it you first mod you have to add that line in SkyrimPrefs.ini located in My document/MyGames/Skyrim or something. Add the line in bold in [Launcher] section like this :


To uninstall:
1. Start Skyrim launcher, click Data Files, .esp.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

- Calientes Female Body –CBBE by Caliente

A mannequin in Honeyside is missing.

This mod would not have been possible without the work of this modders.

*KURESE for the lingerie meshes and textures.
*Tona and Toshio for underwears meshes and textures.
*Petrovich for the corset and underwears meshes and textures.
*Caliente for Caliente's Body Mod - Big Bottom Edition v3.
*Iamthedoctor for the statues (use only in the Sweet and Sexy Lingerie mod).
*Electionis for the heels.

*If I forgot anyone, it was unintentional. Report it to me so I add you to credits.

No russian translation or permission will be given. My files has been stolen by russians without asking me permission. Sorry for honnest russian players.

A word about picture copyright : All the pictures used in come from me or come from and are free of right according the copyright rules www.
Images and illustrations used belong to their respective authors.

-Screenshots taken by Dkmt79
-The character of Penelope Jolicoeur is owned and designed by Penelope Bagieu and not subject to any commercial use or detrimental to the original work.