Soleis-Floating Ruined Garden House- Dawnguard Now Optional by Zolariel
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Mod Name: Soleis
Author: Zolariel
Version: 1.1
Date: 10/11/2012


By demand, a version for people who do not have Dawnguard. I checked what I actually used from dawnguard and was suprised to find that I hadn't used *that* many meshes. The difference between files is only minor clutter and decorations so users need not be afraid that they will be missing gameplay or anything else.

HOWEVER, a large portion of my unfinished addons to the house use primarily Dawnguard Meshes and possible future (optional) updates will be for Dawnguard users only.

If there are any issues regarding the Non Dawnguard version, please let me know!


I love floating island house mods and I wanted to make one of my own.
Unfortunately, I was a bit late to the party and was wowed by the Sleeping Tree Sanctuary (Great Mod, btw).
But I still wanted to make my own.

This mod is not super-fancy, doesn't have any particularly exciting scripts (not yet) and is made to cater
to players like me:

IE, Laaaaazzzy.

I like it when a place is big, but sometimes big gets in the way of functionality.I've tried to make Soleis*look* big, but be rather functional.

This is the first mod I have ever released (Read; the first mod I've ever actually finished) and I'm well on the Newbie side of the Newbie-Pro scale, so expect there to be some mistakes I have not noticed.

If you notice any major issues, crashes, clipping/blank spaces etc, please let me know. (Sometimes after staring at something for over 10 hours you don't see them properly anymore.)

Please remember that this mod caters to MY tastes first and foremost. If you don't like it or have some suggestions,feel free to leave them in the comments or to message me.

Constructive criticism is always good and enthusiastically welcomed.
Please refrain from screaming in the comments or being rude to me. Remember that this is a mod site and there are MANY other FANTASTIC housing mods that can give you what you want.



This mod is NEW. This means that it works (without any conflicts) on MY computer and on my FRIEND'S computers. This does not mean, however, that it is bug or incompatibility free.
If you notice or encounter any definite compatibility issues, please let me know. But until then, HAVE A CLEAN SAVE FROM BEFORE MY MOD. Just in case.

I am NOT responsible for ruining your game. I'm sorry, saving beforehand is something you should be doing before you use ANY new mod.


Installation: (I have no idea how to make this perfectly Mod Manager Compatible. If you would like to throw me a link to the instructions, or help me yourself, that would be fantastic.)

1)Download and Extract either Soleis.rar or SoleisNDG.rar to your Skyrim/Data folder.
-Alternatively, extract to a temporary location and drag Soleis.BSA, Soleis.BSL and Soleis.ESP into your Skyrim/Data folder. (Or SoleisNDG.bsl, SoleisNDG.esp and Soleis NGD.bsa)



1)Delete ALL Soleis files from your skyrim/data folder.


I find that I have the least issues when Soleis is loaded LAST. Something with the scripts/factions makes it so that if you put it higher on the list, certain NPCS will NOT sell you their items.


This Mod Features:

*~*~*The Interior Worldspace Soleis*~*~*

Introducing, the Scholar's house! This house is meant to be a haven for those who want to play scholar-like characters and want a diverse house. It's a bit heavy on the clutter and might be harder to run on weaker computer.

-One super-extra large garden with new tree models. (With waterfalls and all that Jazz)
-One large main player room with several levels.(With obligatory crafting and storage stations)(new models!)
-One teleportation room (takes you to all the guilds and back) (Hey, I am a lazy player.)
-One Armory/library/kitchen/garden
-6 NPC Non-Human/elf/etc merchants that sell you a variety of things. (They don't have custom dialogue) (yet)
-Auto sorting! Auto sorting! Yay! One chest where you dump all the items you don't want and it sorts it for you! (laaazzzyyy)
-Some other stuff!

Changelog Verson 1.1

-2 File versions available, one for users with dawnguard and one for without.
-Added proper lighting to Armory
-New storage chests in the Armory (that are not scripted)
-New storage chest on the other side of the Autosorting Base Chest (also non scripted)
-Added new meshes to the storage area (and in general)
-Moved leather and pelts to the Forge Area
-New weather effects
-Removed several unused files
-Added cooking spit to Crafting tower
-Ores properly working in lower tier.

Extra Instructions: Please check the side table in the bedroom area to read Solzt's Journal.




Super Special Mega Thanks To:
Ga-Knomboe Boy-GKB Green Trees (You saved me. Srsly.)
Oaristys- Modder's Resource Pack 1.7 (It's ridiculous how many meshes it made me depend on.)
Blary- Open Books Resource/Booksets Resource/Potionshelf
yourenotsupposedtobeinhere- Rugs Resource
Chesko- Book Piles Resource
Sjogga-Autosorting and Autoloot. (!!!)
Tamira- New Plants 1_1

!!If you see any models you recognized/own and have not been asked/credited etc, please let me know!!
(I'm only human, sometimes I forget to mention who/what.)