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Update 1.4 (2014) is now available !

thanks to Ownallday for the video, but this video is pretty old and really only shows of some of the basic architecture, most of wich is now completely re-textured, and there is so much more added since then... if any of you want to make this mod a vid, send a link and i ll post it here (★^O^★)


This mod adds a player home that is epic in proportion, with many rooms and areas to explore, containing new weapons, spells, npc's, ingredients, and other things not seen in other castle mods such interactive lighting in every room and paintings hanging on the walls for you to gaze into. this mod adds a fully voiced quest that will enable you to fight your way through the castle as you first explore it, and then upon completion of the quest the castle will belong to you as a new home with all the necessities that come with it. also the lights are interactive like no other mod ive seen (i call it functional lighting). its all thanks to my scripter buddy dharleth23 who has the technical prowess to turn my insane ideas turn into reality, so thanks to him ! and thanks to all you who download and leave helpful feedback comments. \(^▽^@)ノ

i will continue working on this mod until i decide it is completed, i will be both improving already existing functions as well as adding in new features as i go along. your feedback is much appreciated in the comments as it will help me improve the mod overall. thanks ! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


The Castle is located just south of DragonBridge, you can fast travel there straight away as it will be located on your map a soon as the mod is installed

Quest Instructions

get the key and the journal from this chest to start the quest. The voice of your long lost uncle will guide you on a quest to retake the family castle.


As far as i know there are no incompatibilities with the major or popular mods (I don't know of any others that use this area of the map), some players will report potential conflicts so it is worth checking the comment section if you have any issues, also this mod will work regardless of what DLC you have installed (dawnguard is not needed neither is dragonborn).

I will be uploading a plugin for dawnguard in the future but the plugin is more or less separate from the main mod and is not in anyway needed.

How to Install

To manually install simply open or extract the zip and copy the files from the data folder into your own Skyrim Data folder C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrimData

You can also Install via the nexus mod manager.

Update 1.4

-Added a voice narrator/guide to the quest
-Overhauled the way lights work in the castle
-Fixed skill trainer dialog
-Added skill trainers to the castle
-Added secret passages
-Added hidden treasure chests
-Added and sauna pool to bath house
-Made archery training game in the training hall
-Added functionality to the bath house (buffs for using bath and showers)
-Added lots of new misc. objects such as new books, weapons and ingredients to be found

Since the latest update changes a great deal, i would recommend that the old version be uninstalled and then a new save made before installing the new version

Update 1.3

-made and placed the quest objects and actors
-re textured a lot of interior and exterior statics
-added light switches into rooms
-cleaned .esp file ( solved a lot of problems including missing trainer dialog)
-prevented exterior of castle from displaying in skycell (this has fixed interior map crashes)
-replaced exterior statics with full LOD ones ( now the castle should render at a distance properly)
-generated map data for interior cells
-added teleporters for quick movement around the castle
- added lovely paintings, of skywind and skyblivion landscapes ^0^
-and other general improvements

Update 1.2

NAVMESHED EVERYWHERE !!! (except spiral stair case and the secret passage)
Added 4 maids which can also be followers
Added Hariet a merchant that also sells some unique armor and weapons
Added Zara a merchant that also sells rechargeable soul gems
Added Dr.wilson a doctor who sells potions (there is a potion i made that turns you into a werewolf temporarily and also one that turns you into a vampire)
Added James a merchant that sells ore and ingots
Added Charls a tome merchant in the library
Added several other npc's
Made all display cases store the equipped weapon when activated
Replaced bugged wall display in south corridor with all new unique wall cases
Added more decor to the castle bath room
Added two toilets, let me know which one you like best ;)
Added an underwater tunnel system for quick movement around the castle
Exported Character face gen textures ( fixes face tint on npc's)

Update 1.1

- added spiral staircase
- added many statics and furniture for interior decor
- fixed allot of seams and Z fighting (but there is still more to fix)
- remodeled the dungeon and added prisoners
- remodeled training area
- added a water wheel obstacle course to the training area
- added shrines to training area
- added both male and female mannequins
- added weapon racks, wall displays and display cases
- added chests to throne room,dressing hall, warehouse, training hall and dungeon
- added wardrobes and shelves to master bedroom and dressing hall
- Improved Alchemy Garden
- Added 2 followers
- made the chairs in north corridor usable (will do the bar stools later)
- stocked bar
-connected all doors (secret entrance not done yet)
-Improved lighting in some area's
- Corrected spelling and renamed some area's
- made all area's player owned

- added a new special weapon down in the hall bellow the alchemy garden. use it to kill the Ancient Phantom Dragon if you ever make it past my traps mwahahaha

To Do List

-fountain of youth
-Npc AI improvements
-warehouse improvement
-training hall obstacle course

-Moar Maids


This mod originally started out as an improvement to Castle Strunmah by yivec1992. so credits to him for providing the inspiration to make this mod.

Thanks for checking out this mod

And please remember this is a WIP so i would be grateful for any feedback or idea's, as it will help me improve this and any future mods i plan to make.