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Alvhilde's father, Andreif, was a strong and honored warrior, an old Nord legionnaire. He retired after being injured in battle, and lived off in a small house near Karthwasten, where he met her mother, Moira. She was a beautiful auburn haired Nord woman, and they fell in love. Shortly she was with child, and gave birth to Alvhilde.

She lived for her first years with a happy, simple family, and she was taught how to be a true nord, to never trust the Empire, since they just disposed of her father, without giving him chance to prove himself again in battle. All went well, until when she was 6 years old, and her house was attacked by wolves in the night.
They would have killed her, had her mother not hid her inside the closet. Her father returned to find the wolves feasting on her mother's body and roaming around the house for more prey.

Andreif fought and killed the wolves, but he was already tired from the hunt and not as strong as his younger, legionnaire days, and was gravely wounded, finding only the crying and terrified Alvhilde inside the closet.

With his last breath, he told her never to let herself be dominated by anyone, or taken advantage of. And to take his bow, remember the little of what she learnt from him, and survive, by all means possible.

As an adult, she strived by becoming a huntress, selling the fruits of her hunt. Though she learnt not to take too much from nature and to keep the balance. In one of Skyrim's cold nights, she was surprised by a werewolf near a cave. The beast was strain and hungry, it's strength seemed too much for the young lass to handle, but she managed to wound it. It was not before the werewolf slashed her right cheek with it's claws, and bit her right arm.

Escaping the fateful encounter, Alvhilde suffered from the werewolves' harsh disease, know as Sanies Lupinus. She fought the disease, hiding in the woods, barely surviving. Until her blood was one with the Beast blood. And she emerged something stronger. Learning to deal with her wild side, she now lives in Riverwood, her secret known only to few, whom she trusts.

Alvhilde can be found around Riverwood. She will have breakfast in the Sleeping Giant at morning, and work in the mill after that, whether chopping wood or watching over it. She will interact with the structures around it until it's time for lunch, then she will help Alvor, the blacksmith, go to the tavern at night and so on. All in all, she has a natural AI schedule.

She is a Standalone NPC, and her equipment are a hunting bow and a steel dagger to keep things balanced, and will switch between them according to the situation. Her normal outfit is a fur armor with long sleeves, without a hat. She will also heal herself when needed, and auto-level along with your character, from 1 to 200.
You can marry her too, and recruit her whenever you want. She is essential by default. If you need a swift follower, she could be a good choice.

Here is a a little short pictorial story about how she contracted lycanthropy, check it out.

Alvhilde has werewolf transformation options under her dialogues. Please be careful not let her turn in the middle of town or near peaceful actors, you will be put under a bounty of 1000, just like changing yourself.
Transformation wears Alvhilde out, and it is now limited to happen only 6 in-game hours after the last transformation.

Please note this may take longer or less than 6 hours, depending on your timescale setting. Mine is set to 6 because of SkyRealism - Time Scale and Travel Speed, while the vanilla default value is 20. Please post a comment if you come across a very large wait, or have any suggestions on how to fix this issue.

The dialogue option will only appear again after the cooldown is over.

She will also transform automatically by default, when you turn into a werewolf or Vampire Lord. The cooldown also applies, she won't turn until it's over. The auto transformation can be changed by talking to her.

Make a backup save before downloading updates, just to be safe. I have tested changing betwen versions and no problem occured, but you never know.

If you are updating from the first version, remove all items from her before updating, release her and remove the mod. Make a clean save without it. Then update to the new version. Find her again in Riverwood and recruit her, to avoid problems.

If you do not know how to make a clean save, here is a simple guide:

  • Remove all the items you want to keep from Alvhilde and release her. Save your game inside an interior cell with as few NPCs as possible (preferably a player home, tavern, etc)
  • Close the game, remove the mod and reload the clean save file you just made.
  • Start the game without the older version, say yes to open with missing files, and make a new save.
  • Install the new version and find her in Riverwood, recruit her again, give her the previous items if needed, save again, and play on.
As for the uninstalation, releasing her beforehand is a good idea. Type in the console stopquest AlvhildeQ to be 100% free of her scripts, save the game, then you will be safe to remove the mod.(See the images for a comparison between versions and a little showcase. Please note that in the images of "less requirements" version, the normal hazel eyes are replaced in my game (UPDATE: see the images on the files section, I have uploaded a picture with the vanilla eyes), but they should look the same as your choice of eyes replacement/vanilla eyes. Also the werewolf form will look the same as your werewolf textures/vanilla color of fur/eyes. She is compatible with La Femme Lycana or other gender distinct mods.

When changing back to human form she may wear undies or be nude, according to the female body mod you may be using. (Please use at your own discretion.)

To make her look just like my screenshots, or how I intended her to, you will need these mods:

Required (for both main and alternative version, from 1.04 on):
Hair: Ponytail Hairstyles

Required (for both main and alternative version, 1.03 under):
Hair: ApachiiSkyHair

Required for the full version:
Eyes: The Eyes of Beauty

The texture is found in the Skyrim/Data/Textures/actors/character/eyes path, called, which you can find among the Eyes of Beauty mod files, if you don't want to install the mod just for her.

Skin: Milkdrinker Skin
Normalmaps: Women of Skyrim-Enhanced female normalmaps
Werewolf form: La Femme Lycana
Complexion: Improved Freckles Skyrim - File is hidden at the moment.
More Freckles by Zhoken is a good alternative, the cute freckles version looks fine to me.

Version 1.04: Introduced the short ponytail hair. Fixed a few things which could be exploited in her inventory, she will no longer spawn with jewelry and miscellaneous items. Added the Howl of Terror, used during the werewolf transformation to her spell list. Still many things to fix, but hopefully I will find a way to deal with them.

Version 1.03.1: I have created a SEQ file that should fix the dialogue problems on Alvhilde's quest. Place it in the Data/SEQ folder, or install it with NMM. I have tested it and it's working. This file will be included in the next versions. Thanks to elgatoenlaluna for pointing that fix out, with this fix by Arthmoor.

Version 1.03: Added Dawnguard support, but nothing was touched, so compatibilities should be just fine. Works great with Tales of Lycanthropy, and it should work with vampire enhancement mods, as the mod checks for the player's race as Vampire Lord, not a spell in particular. Please let me know of any problems, thank you.

Version 1.02.9: Last version before Dawnguard support.

Version 1.02: Incompatibilities removed by moving dialogues to another, indepedent quest. Tested with UFO while having 3 and 4 followers and things seemed to work just fine.
If you run into any problem please let me know through comments!

Version 1.0b/1.01: The mod should be fully compatible with any other, except mods that change follower dialogues, such as UFO. If loaded before UFO, it will work without any problems though, as tested by me and other players.
Extensible Follower Framework was tested by bakafool and seems to work regardless of the load order.

Version 0.1: There shouldn't be any incompatibilities, please make sure to follow the requirements to avoid problems.

I only use/have used UFO, so if you encounter any other problems with other mods, please leave a comment and I will see what can be done.

Download and install the mod with NMM for a painless procedure (please check the requirements!).
For a manual installation, just drop the files in the The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data folder, activate AlvhildeLycan.esp and voila.

PS: I am still new at modding, so if you find any problems, have interesting tips for the mod, or want to criticize me, feel free to comment. Please submit your images of her, I'll love to see them!

Future plans: Remove the transformation settings when the player character is not a werewolf or vampire lord.
Make transformations end by itself, and also happen automatically in full moon nights.
Create a quest to introduce her story properly, and unlock werewolf features. Maybe create dynamic hunting quests as well, to be done after her main quest.
Create custom voice dialogues for her, if I can find a voice actress.

You may send her into trouble, change her suit, and whatnot. But be nice to her, and above all, have fun with your new follower. Please do not upload the mod to Steam Workshop or other sites, thank you.

Thank you to:

apachii for allowing me to use your awesome hair mod in Alvie.
missjennabee for the superb freckles, which frankly, would be a huge loss, if left out.
HoneyVanity for the great skin set, which I use and recommend, the Barbarian version has more features but doesn't leave the Milkdrinker version behind.
LogRamm for the Eyes of Beauty. You can't go wrong with that huge choice of eyes, thanks a lot for letting me include the Sunshine eyes which are "part of" Alvhilde by now, for me.
Scrabbulor for the AI tips, his awesome Immersive Patrols mod, and the patience with me.
zzjay for the enhanced normal maps, no more blocky faces!
spwned For giving me permission to use his Werewolf Follower scripts. I did not create it, only changed it to fit Alvhilde's personality, thank you VERY much!
Skyrim NPC Editor which helped me a lot through the first versions, and its an awesome tool for beginners such as me.
azarkiowa for allowing me to use one of the hairs contained in Ponytail Hairstyles, for the newer version, it matches her style very well, I am grateful!

Thanya for continuously answering my messages, and being an awesome person!
greyblood for bearing with me, and testing the endless releases and beta versions I sent him, giving me great ideas and posting a lot of pictures with Alvhilde.
trustinall for UNBLEAK ENB, I could not help but use it for the screenshots.
A BIG thank you to Dheuster, for the infinite patience to help me figure out a lot of things, allowing me to use some of his codes and pester him during his vacation. Thank you very much!
sagittarius22, for letting me peek at his great Serana Secret mod, which let me progress on my mod, the speed that he sent me the files was impressive, kudos to you.
Kamikazekossori, thank you so much for helping me spot some issues which I could swear I had taken care of, and testing Alvhilde, for the continued presence in the screenshot gallery and being a cool person.
If I forgot someone or didn't give proper credit, pull my ear and let me know, you'll not be forgotten any longer.

You, if you read all the way down here!

Recommended Mods for extra fun:
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder1, it sure makes things more beliavable, I always thought it was funny heads didn't splatter blood, or corpses didn't bleed like the should, after being maimed.
Bloody Facials by Poshpaws, faces were left out because of the way Bethesda handles the decals of blood, and it was not linked to the face by some reason... now you can fix that, this mod complements Enhanced Blood Textures greatly, check it out!
Immersive Patrols by Scrabbulor, it adds great to immersion, making the Civil War feel more alive, and other factions of Skyrim will be around the roads. Particularly the Immersive Werewolves plugin will make Silver Hand go after Alvhilde, when in werewolf form. How cool is that??
Tales of Lycanthropy adds a lot of fun for werewolves, and if you are a fan such as I, it's a necessary mod.

200 endorsements and counting, thank you so much!! I did not think it would come this far. It's great to show support to mods you like.