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Comments & Criticism are GREATLY appreciated!

IM NOT 100% ON THE STATS! (I lowered them but in my game theyre a bit scattered if someone can post pictures of stats they get on the NON-Cheat version it would help alot!)

Ok, i'm a complete Newbie to modding so this is just a small modification with CK :D

You will find this set in Dragonsreach as you enter on the left in a barrel.

Thief's Hood x1
Thief's Boots x1
Thief's Armor x1
Thief's Gloves x1 (These four are the Guild Master set unenchanted but modified (higher stats & slightly lighter))
Thief's Bow x1 (Nightingale Unenchanted)(faster firing & lighter)
Thief's Arrow x300 (ebony modified stats)
Thief's Dagger x2 (unenchanted but slightly powerful Blade of Woe)

These are kinda overpowered (i guess)(thinking of making another (less powerful) set.

you will have to steal these :P
or you can use the console, click the barrel then "setownership"

Choice of which you want in the files section (Overpowered or Balanced(i guess))


Me being me just made a .esp zipped it and uploaded that so... i have no idea if NMM can work with that or what... since theres no new meshes or anything i assume nothing else is needed. If it doesnt work, just manual download and drop it into Data.


As i learn 3dMax and other programs better i will make custom meshes for these items! :D
(this may take a bit of time as i am still new to 3dMax (considering getting Maya and other programs to help (remember im still new to all this)))