Leopard Forsworn Armor by XunAmarox
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Leopard Forsworn Armor
by XunAmarox
Version: 2.0

This is a retexture of Rekicker's wonderful Snow Leopard Forsworn Armor.

I completely redid most of it. My version 1 was just recolored, but... I felt it was a little subpar for a normal leopard coloration, so I redid the whole thing with a better leopard texture. I colored the furry stuff hanging off like leopard down fur too (like bridge between sides & white on tummy).

I also removed the bra strap in favor of a little something that just goes up a ways and covers the nipple.

Anyways, hope you like it. It's been circulating around for awhile, but I felt I should probably actually package and upload it for better distribution and easier to find.

Default: no-undies
Included: no-top
Panties not included.

1. Paste contents /Data/ into /Data/.
2. If you want the alternative versions, replace files afterwords with those.
3. Enjoy~

Rekicker for their Snow Leopard Armor (the entire base and idea, really)
ScorpionHunter for their edit of the gloves/boots (which I'm not sure I even used? But... may as well credit, all the same!)