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(Will be adding these updates to a new section in my mods called "Changelog". Keep an eye out) Update! We're now partnered with the talented Tytanis, creator of some truly phenominal pre-Creation Kit stuff! Tytanis is most widely known for his great work on the Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod - Crafts - Spells - Items - MORE[url] mod.

Introduction (i.e Gloating Space)
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Skyrim has dull textures. The dungeons are by far the worst in most cases, teeming with blank walls and bleak distant colors. Not to mention they're incredibly dark.

With this mod, the colors and light will be increased to the point where dungeon-diving isn't such an off-world experience! Rather than making things brighter and burning your eyes out, it will simply make things much more enjoyable and alive.

There are five versions for everyone to try, from fantasy to realistic changes. Enjoy!

What does this mod change?

A. All inner dungeons.
B. All dungeon plants and objects.
C. Outer dungeon areas.

Which file is for me?

==25% Contrast==
This makes the darks a bit darker and lights a bit lighter. The effect is a dungeon that jumps out at you, it's detail suddenly noticeable. This version of the mod won't effect colors that much.

==30% Sat, 25% Con (Recommended version)==
Boasting a detailed setting for your dungeons AND extra color, this version is by far the nicest to behold. Both noticeable and subtle, the effect is instant and highly pleasing.

==50% Sat, 25% Con==
This version is for people who want to make their world gaudy through extra color. Use if you're a fantasy fanatic.

==30% Saturation ==
With this set, the contrast is left alone and only color is increased. This makes for some nice vibrancy, but there's not much depth.

50% Saturation
The same basic concept of 30% Saturation, only it makes the color boost more noticeable.

This mod will not replace any default texture files themselves. This pack will not replace any default Skyrim textures. May cause random dungeon humping.

1. Unzip this ZIP folder into your Skyrim "Data" directory. If you unzipped this folder into another place, just make sure the "textures" folder gets put into the Skyrim "Data" directory. On Vista, the Data folder is located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data

2. If you are asked to merge folders or overwrite files, press OK or YES.

3. Start the game and become one with the dungeon-ness.

4. If you like it, endorse it. The more people who know, the better it becomes!


2. Navigate to your Skyrim Data directory, where you installed this pack to.

3. Go to "textures", and delete or rename "dungeons" to something else. This will uninstall the mod, and your dungeon rivers will bleed with pain of ugly.

This pack should be compatible with all mods except other texture mods that use the "dungeons" folder. Of course, if you know what you're doing, you can mix and match right?

This mod is always compatible with other Sparkles - Lush mods.

Injectors Vs. Texture Packs
There's not much to say on this subject, so I'll just give you something to chew on. Injectors change the actual settings of the game, making it more lush... but at a cost. It can severely impact your system's performance, and is basically the same as turning your graphics up to high (Or more, depending on your injector settings).

Texture packs do not change any settings in the game, but rather they take advantage of Skyrim's texture system. By default, Skyrim will use a packed .BSA (a high-tech ZIP file) file to retrieve it's textures. However, if you create a folder called "textures" in the Data folder, it will take what textures it finds there and use them instead.

The nice thing about this is that Skyrim, like Oblivion, is programmed to use textures it cannot find in your "texture" folder, by accessing the .BSA. So you can basically add 1 new texture if you wanted, and as long as it was correctly named, Skyrim would only change that texture in-game.

I'm not saying injectors are bad, but they're probably not the best for most people.

Credits and Copyrights
For all the fact that I created this mod, it wasn't as difficult as it looks. It DID take me HOURS though, so if you plan on using the re-textured files that I spent so long improving, it would be nice to see some credit.

I also accept treats.