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Systematically removes the essential flags from various NPCs who were essential permanently in vanilla once their related quests* are done; some NPCs are no longer essential at all (Rolff Stone-Fist, Bryling, Jarl Korir, Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone, etc.).

If any previously-essential NPC dies, all unfinished quests associated with that NPC will be failed, and other NPCs should stop speaking about them as if they were alive. NPCs that lived in cities will have a coffin appear in that city's Hall of the Dead containing their belongings.

This isn't quite what everyone is looking for, obviously -- for example, in order to kill Maven Black-Briar, you must progress within the Thieves Guild questline. At present, however, I have reason to believe that it is the safest option if you wish to dispose of essential actors, as I have taken great care to ensure that it is comparatively safe to kill an actor if you can kill them.

However, you take a serious risk by letting NPCs the game might expect to be unkillable die. I am not responsible for any lost or ruined content if that happens, though, as I said, I have taken pains to prevent it.

This restores some cut content: if Balgruuf the Greater is slain, his brother Hrongar will become the new Jarl of Whiterun and take his place in later quests. Similarly, killing Elisif will cause either Erikur or Bryling to ascend to the throne.**

The name is technically a misnomer; even if you complete every quest in the game, there will still be two essential NPCs: M'aiq and the magic Courier. Everyone else will no longer be essential (or they'll have died a scripted death).

My Appropriately Attired Jarls mod handles changing Hrongar's and Erikur's outfits once they ascend to the throne.

*Of importance. For example, Calcelmo is involved in "Hard Answers" and "The Book of Love"; he will no longer be essential once his part in "The Book of Love" is over.

**I warn you that these replacement Jarls are pretty bland -- their quest-related dialogue is interesting, but outside of quests they mostly just repeat their pre-Jarl dialogue (Erikur does have some unused dialogue that he can say now -- a rather lengthy bit where he chuckles at Elisif's death).


A working copy of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. The Dawnguard file also requires the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch. The Bring Out Your Dead compatibility patch requires Arthmoor's Bring Out Your Dead.


Place the contents of the .7z file in your "Data" folder, which is usually located under Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.

The ReadMe document and the .bsl file are not required for the mod to run -- you may keep them or discard them.


Enter "SetStage PSNoPermanentEssentialsQuest 100" into the console (sans quotation marks) to make all NPCs who usually are essential again. This will not resurrect them, however; evidence suggests that they will reappear at their usual locations regardless. If not, you can probably find them hanging out in the WIDeadBodyCleanupCell.

You must wait until "sqv PSNoPermanentEssentialsQuest" shows that the quest has stopped.

Then delete the included .esp and .bsa file.

The nature of Skyrim’s scripting language, Papyrus, means that, even following this procedure, your Papyrus log will continue to throw errors about missing scripts, potentially leading to save game bloat. There is, lamentably, nothing that I can do about this -- you have been warned.


Replace all older files with newer versions. If in doubt, replace all mod files with the contents of the latest uploaded archive.

No in-game configuration is necessary.

However, the nature of Skyrim’s scripting language means that some corrections to script properties may not take effect on existing games.


As of 1.6, you must change areas after an NPC’s related quest is complete before essential tags are removed. This could be as simple as entering and exiting a building or as much as leaving a city entirely. However, it's much more efficient than the old method.

The new Jarl of Solitude is supposed to do the iconic Jarl sitting pose, but sometimes it fritzes out and they sit normally. Leaving and coming back a little while later should fix it.


Put this at the top of the load order, underneath the Unofficial Patches, because this edits a ton of quests and dialogue. If you need to know which forms this mod edits specifically, I recommend using TES5Edit.

It also edits Hrongar, Balgruuf's brother, to ensure that he puts up a proper fight if he's the Jarl when the Stormcloaks attack Whiterun.

The new coffins are going to appear in the same places as some coffins added by Arthmoor's Bring Out Your Dead, but as all the new coffins are new references, it should only be visually distressing. There is a compatibility patch available now.

They should load in this order: Unofficial Patches, Bring Out Your Dead, No Permanent Essentials files, and the compatibility patch.