Sir Crocodiles Hook from One Piece by Bloodysunday
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Sir Crocoliles Hook
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Sir Crocodiles golden Hook from One Piece. Right hand and Left hand version. I thank the 2 people who will download this, but i love One piece and i had fun making it ;)

Hook can be crafted, upgraded and enchanted. Damage is around 17.
For people who want if faster use console ( Tilde -Key, then type "Help Crocodile" without quotes, then there is a the name from the sword and some kind of identificator "weap" before it then a number 22000xxx or else. then u type "player.additem NUMBER (2200xxx) 1. the 1 at the end is the number of swords u get.) or search in Riverwood, over the bridge behind the tree in a Barrel.

Sadly it clips a little in first person.


Extract Into Skyrim\data
Activate .esp file via Launcher


Delete folder
and in Skyrim\Data the SirCrocodile.esp

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Credits to

The great Eiichiro Oda for making One Piece
Bethesda Softworks