Rayya Redux - Hearthfire Housecarl by Adrius
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Rayya Redux v1.1


General Information

Rayya is the Redguard Housecarl of your Falkreath property you get with the Hearthfire DLC upon becoming thane.

It's simple, I don't like the way Rayya looks. Not a fan of bald. I made this mod in an effort to redo her face without OVERdoing it. I wanted to keep the general theme of a hard-nosed woman warrior without her being either overly gorgeous and unrealistic.. or overly hideous (like her default).


I also use this mod, though it is not reqired:



Bethesda's Creation Kit has a bug involved in exporting face tint files properly. In short.. it usually doesn't. 1.0 was plagued with this. It could still potentially happen. I think the newer version should work more consistently. If, in game, Rayya's face tint shows up as overly pale and lacking in color, then you are victim of this. To be absolutely sure, do the following:

1) Save your game in a well lit area with Rayya in tow.
2) Open the console (~) and click on Rayya to target her. Her refID should end in "5126".
3) Type "removeallitems". This will remove all of her items and strip her naked.
4) Look at her neck seam. Some seam is noticeable with most bodies/textures, but should not be that apparent. If there is a stark contrast between her neck and upper chest, then you have confirmed the bug has occurred.
5) If in step 4, the bug has appeared, type "snpcw 50". In most cases, this should cause a redraw of the NPC that will reload her face tint and hopefully restore her to her normal, dark beauty. You may reload the save game from Step 1. you may or may not have to use the command again.
6) If step 5 did not resolve the issue.. reinstall the mod.

Remember, this is a bug on Bethesda's end. I am sorry.



Any other mod that alters Rayya would conflict with this one.


Version History

1.0: I done made it.

1.1: After not touching this for a while, my frustration with Bethesda's bug reached new heights and I have revisited this. I think that her face should show up more consistently in its intended shades. I have also removed her Alik'r Hood from her outfit and placed it in her inventory instead. This should make it easier for those without follower management mods to remove her hood so you can see her hair.


Bugs and Feedback

I'm concerned as this is the first time I have done any follower related mods. I have a lot of cosmetic mods on my system, so I tried to make sure to use only the one I actually intended to (Apachii Hair, which this mod requires). I saw a lot of eyes in there that were obviously not vanilla, so I chose ones that I am pretty sure must exist in vanilla. Let me know if there are any weird issues with her eyes or face.

As of 1.1 I think I have made the face tint bug less likely. Please let me know if it's happening and if my instructions above helped.



Please do not redistribute this file in any way, shape, or form. Please do not alter and re-release this file in any way, shape or form. If you feel a change should be made to this mod, please suggest it to me. Thank you.



Credit goes to Apachii for the lovely hair mod.



Copy Rayya1.esp file and the accompanying "textures" folder into your SkyrimData folder. Make sure to activate the mod by going to "Data Files" in your launcher and checking the box next to "Rayya1.esp". If you use a mod manager, you likely know what to do already. For those who don't use a mod manager, I strongly recommend it. Have fun :)