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This mod adds 17 new followers, which are scattered around Skyrim. There is a story behind how they got there. On the left side of the Dragonsreach building in Whitrerun, on a stone is a note that the Dragonborn is destined to find. It will tell you everything. Also adds the exterior of the Argo 2, which is found at the east empire trading docks. Each character has been made with as much detail as possible, spells, weapons, combat techniques and personalities and I have tried to make them more or less even in combat as to how they are in the books, meaning protagonists are slightly better. Pleaase contact me if you find anything worng

If you dont want o stay looking for the followers, heres a list of where they are :

-Percy - Docks near Solitude
-Jason & Thalia - Throat of the World
-Annabeth - Collegee of Winterhold
-Piper & Selina - Radiant Raments
-Frank - Jorvaskrr
-Leo - Forge in Markarth
-Nico, Hazel & Bianca - Cemetry of Falkreath
-Stoll brothers - outside thieves guild
-Will - temple of Kynareth in Whiterun
-Beckendorf - Skyforge
- Zoe - outside DB sancuary
-Clarisse - Orc stronghold

Sorry guys, my computer was broken for months, just got it back. I'll try upload images of what they look like, but thumbnails is all i can do, sorry . I'll give better directions and stuff, and elaborate on the idea, which was my plan all along. About the error, i have no clue what it is, I've tried looking into it, but i don't know, sorry bout that.