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Malukah's covers always made me think of walking atop snowy mountains and amidst vast tundra and I've been waiting for a mod that added her songs ingame. However no mods have done so in a way I'd like so I made my own - despite possessing no modding ability.

How it works: The mod adds all four of Malukah's Skyrim covers to the ingame world. The songs are set to play during the day (6:00 - 21:00) because I thought this was most appropriate. Also they'll only play whilst outside i.e. not in buildings, towns, dungeons etc.

Progress: The mod is currently in Beta since the only way of testing whether this mod works well is to play the game and wait for a song to start. It'll probably take a few hours of playtime to get a good grasp of whether the songs play at appropriate times. So I hope by releasing a beta version I can get some good feedback.

- 0.5 Initial Release
- 0.75 Added Non-Replacer version

Future Plans:
- Reduce the size of the non-replacer version; I need to figure out how to use something besides .wav files, which are obscenely big.

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