Ambient Malukah by Legumen
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Added: 06/10/2012 - 02:44PM
Updated: 25/07/2015 - 02:30AM

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Last updated at 2:30, 25 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 14:44, 6 Oct 2012

Hello to anyone who may be stumbling upon this mod. I've just done the same myself, having forgotten that I made it - it was 3 years ago now! Anyways, it's occurred to me that I've left this mod in 'beta' for quite some time now. There were some incidental issues with it that I had wanted to fix but, you know, preoccupations and a lack of modding ability got in the way. 
This is just a note declaring this mod dead, in the sense that I won't be updating it. However I'm more than happy for other, more talented, modders to take my files and do with them what they will; all I ask in return is a small credit.

Thanks and have a nice time in Tamriel.  


Description: Malukah's covers always made me think of walking atop snowy mountains and amidst vast tundra and I've been waiting for a mod that added her songs ingame. However no mods have done so in a way I'd like so I made my own - despite possessing no modding ability.

How it works: The mod adds all four of Malukah's Skyrim covers to the ingame world. The songs are set to play during the day (6:00 - 21:00) because I thought this was most appropriate. Also they'll only play whilst outside i.e. not in buildings, towns, dungeons etc.