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NOTE-This is the reupload of ENB Evolution and most of the work is by other authors ..
I just changed a few values with some combination of diffetent ENB'S


Indroduction :

-This is the perfect enb for skyrim as it includes many enb effects + "High powered dof" with very high performance.
-The enb is a combination of new effects and new setting's.
-Its is highly recommended that you Read the installation process as "Their are some new steps".
-The enb is already good with it's own AA , so please switch the AA of in the "Skyrim setings"
otherwise the game will look extra softened, But you can give it a try.
- The enb will provide you really good colouring
-The features are described bellow----------





- -Ultra realisting lightning.
-Most realistic Nights.
-Ultra graphical sun with dust particle effect.
-Realistic fire color with new fire effect.
-"HIGH PERFORMANCE".{one of the best feature}
-Realistic environment colors ,not too much bright.
-Better water reflections .
-No need of "AA" But you can use it according to your taste !
-Cinematic , grain , and normal Dof Optional files.
-Maximum focus effect....


Installation -

1- Extract the downloaded file .....

2- Now firstly open and check the readme file and then the important image.

3- Now open the "main files" folder and copy all the files from the folder to your skyrim directory.

4- Now download the "Biniary file" from the above given link and copy it to your skyrim
directory along wiht "enb files"

5- Start the "skyrim launcher", It will set set the default settings,,But you have to change the
settings according to the "improtant image file"

6- Low end users can use their own settings .

7- It is highly recommended that you set the "AA = off" , Because game will not work on some computers if it is on .{This step is for both High end users and Low end users}

8- Make sure that all the "esp" files are active in "DATA OPTION "{Otherwise the game will crash}

9- Now enjoy the lovely game .




Recommended mods -
1} W.A.T.E.R
2} Flora overhaul
3} Ehnanced distant terrain.
4} All character ehnanced mods. {like no more blocky faces}
5} Enhanced_Night_Skyrim_v04_Color_Galaxy.
6} Volumetric fog




This is reposting of ENB EVOLUTION with some changes. I am the same author.


* Very.. very thanks to "skyrim" game maker.
* Very much thanks to the {enb} inventor-"Boris"
* Very much thanks to Plutoman101 for realistic lightning.
* Very much thanks to INDIGONEKO FOR DOF.
* Very much thanks to HD6.
* Very much thanks Matso, who originally made DOF and the bloom effects.