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  • One calculation was resetting itself every night. This has been fixed.

  • Stars will now fall in one general direction. This direction changes on a monthly basis and applies to showers/storms as well.
  • The leaflet is now classified as a note.


Compatible with all mods. Will work in any current and future location as long as there is a sky.


"From time to time, fragments of Aetherius fall from the heavens. The people know these fragments as 'shooting stars'". -Magic from the Sky

During clear weather from 8:30 PM to 6:00 AM you will see shooting stars. Realistically you would have to watch for hours in order to see a few of them. However on Nirn due to the lack of light pollution (and because you'd get bored waiting), visible shooting stars are much more frequent.

But doesn't Skyrim already have shooting stars? No. What you saw was a spell cast by a mage in combat out of your range of vision.

  • Nightly shooting stars at various sizes and from various positions in the sky. The general direction they fall in will change on a monthly basis.
  • Meteor showers (shooting star frequency increased) that are guaranteed to occur during certain days of the year (see below).
  • Meteor storms (shooting star frequency greatly increased) that occur extremely rarely. You might see these 2-3 times per year in Skyrim. They have not been documented.
  • Adjust the frequency of shooting stars by reading your "Shooting Stars Leaflet". The default setting is a shooting star about every 30 real time seconds. If you lose this document you can craft another at a tanning rack with 1 roll of paper.
  • If SkyUI 3.0+ and SKSE 1.6.6+ are installed the leaflet's menu will be disabled and the options will be available through MCM.
  • Since shooting stars aren't too difficult to see now, we all need something else to wish on. Colored shooting stars are meteoroids composed of very high concentrations of certain elements. If you ever see one be sure to make a wish upon it.

Celestial Events:

Meteor showers are guaranteed to occur somewhere around these dates but you will only see them when the sky is clear. They coincide with the actual meteor showers of Earth.

  • 3rd of Morning Star
  • 21st of Rain's Hand
  • 5th of Second Seed
  • 11th of Last Seed
  • 20th of Frostfall
  • 17th of Sun's Dusk
  • 13th of Evening Star

Recommended Mods:

HLP Night Sky or Enhanced Night Sky or Starry Nights or Aetherian Sky
High resolution night skies.


Manual installers drop the files into your Data folder. NMM/BAIN: download the main file and add to your respective programs.


This mod automatically refreshes itself with each revision. Just remove the previous version and install the new version.


Make a save in the middle of the day and then remove all installed files.


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