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Another mod is REQUIRED SCJewelry
You need to install either the SCJewelry CBBE or Vanilla v1.01 main file or SCJewelryUNP v1.01 main file

::::::::: Version History ::::::::::
A-> Reduced the prices of the Emerald Star, Black Diamond Spider, Emerald Tear, Ruby Star and the Sapphire Star, apparently some of these were selling over 30k, sorry about that

A-> The Amethyst Crown and Emerald Crown can now be worn together with the circlets (As they were in the original mod)

A-> Updated the merchant to the all new SCJewelry mod by Severus v1.01 only, the textures/meshes are not included here

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:::::::: Detailed Description ::::::::::
Severus's new jewelry mod hit plenty of nexus users by storm, however, some didn't like npcs to have these jewelries, some didn't like crafting them (especially since there are 56 pieces of jewelry in the mod), some didn't like finding so many of them in loot and finally I received a couple of requests to make a merchant for this jewelry (All my previous mods were merchants, so merchants is currently what I do :P)..

The merchant's name is Svetlana, she stays all day long in the Winking Skeever inn in Solitude, she can be found anywhere inside, her shop is open 24/7 currently, doesn't go anywhere else, she can't be killed, her shop respawns like any other merchant.

I have reduced most of the values for the jewelry because many of them were insanely expensive when turned into merchant items, since with my mod the only way to get the jewelry is through buying from Svetlana, I had to decrease the values, because without a high haggling perk lvl, many people may not be able to buy her awesome jewelry, changed some of the weights, also removed all the armor ratings the jewelry had because that makes much more sense except for 2 circlets (the Golden Queen which is a heavy armor helmet and the Golden Princess which is a light armor helmet), oh btw, I renamed all 56 jewelry pieces to be more recognizable, the original names were really confusing, now it should be a lot easier to know which is which..

::::::::: Future Plans ::::::::
Give me some suggestions and I will see what I can do..

::::::: Installation Instructions :::::::
1- You must install SCJewelry
You need to install either the "SCJewelry CBBE or Vanilla v1.01" main file or "SCJewelryUNP v1.01" main file
2- Download my merchant.
3- Install it with NMM, if it asks do you want to upgrade say NO and when it asks to overwrite say yes.
4- Play the game, go to the Winking Skeever, find Svetlana and buy some *semi*expensive jewelry!

1- My mod replaces the original mod's esp, if you no longer want my mod but want the original mod, follow the uninstall instructions then reinstall Severus's original .esp

:::::::: Uninstalling Instructions ::::::::
0- If you've bought a lot of jewelries then you may want to sell them before uninstalling in order to get some of the gold you've spent back
1- Get out of the Winking Skeever inn, go somewhere else (some other cell preferably)
2- Save
3- Exit the game
4- Deactivate the mod with NMM

OR if you want to do it manually
Go to Skyrim\Data, delete Svs Collection Jewelry.esp Go to Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\ then delete a folder named "Svs Collection Jewelry.esp" Go to Data\textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\ and delete a folder named "Svs Collection Jewelry.esp"
5- Done

::::::::: Incompatible With ::::::::::
Non that I know of..

::::::::::: Credit :::::::::
Severus616 for his awesome work