Almalexia Regalia Female Mage Robe by Enai Siaion
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Almalexia's Regalia 1.01
A little piece of Morrowind in your Skyrim. Dress up as the Tribunal goddess Almalexia.

This mod contains 10 different variants on Almalexia's armor from Morrowind, available as both unenchanted and enchanted items, as well as handwear and footwear to go with them.

Armor variants

Azura Aspect
Boethiah Aspect
Furious Aspect
Immortal Aspect
Mage Aspect
Merciful Aspect
Mystic Aspect
Regal Aspect
Traditional Aspect
Warrior Aspect

Gloves and boots
Almalexia did not wear either, so the armor comes with dummy gloves and boots to preserve the look while not losing out on stats. In case "chimer magic" does not convince you to go barefoot in the snow, there is also a pair of matching shoes to go with the armors.

Almalexia's Gift (hands)
Almalexia's Grace (feet)
Almalexia's Boots (shoes)

Note: The pieces are meant to go together and therefore don't work very well on their own (read: seams and clipping).

Body type used
The pack was developed using the UNP body type, but you do not need to have UNP installed.

The enchanted versions come with their own unique enchantments, which you can peel off and apply to other items if you so desire.

Armor enchantment: Almalexia's Blessing
Magicka regenerates 50% faster. All spells last 50% longer.
Can be applied to: robes, necklace.

Gloves enchantment: Almalexia's Gift
Increases your Magicka by 25 points. Chance to cain 250 Magicka when casting a spell.
Can be applied to: gloves, necklace.

Boots enchantment: Almalexia's Grace
Increases your Magicka by 25 points. Immune to fall damage.
Can be applied to: boots, necklace.

How to get

Unenchanted versions can be crafted at the forge for cheap, though fancier variants may require rare metals.

World loot
Unenchanted and enchanted versions can be found on the corpses of deceased Hands of Almalexia found in the wilderness. To make them easier to find, the ghost of Almalexia stands guard over the corpse.

Unenchanted armors:
South of Korvanjund (northeast of Whiterun) halfway up the mountain.

Enchanted armors:
Northwest of Fort Fellhammer (south of Dawnstar) in a little clearing between the trees.

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Change log (1.01)

[list][*]Fixed an issue that caused the shoes and hands to be considered Light armor, preventing the Mage Armor perk from working.