Monarch Butterflies Get Wing Lift by IsharaMeradin
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Added: 30/09/2012 - 01:53PM
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Monarch Butterflies Get Wing Lift

NOTICE: This mod is deprecated. For a better correction of the Monarch butterfly wings please see Wiseman303's Critter Fixes. Thank you.
This mod flips the wings on the Monarch Butterflies in game.

This was a little tricky to accomplish as Bethesda used a Lunar Moth mesh for all moths and butterflies. They were also 'lazy' and used the same texture file for both the wing ingredient and the butterfly. The wing ingredient is correct in positioning when compared to how a lunar moth's wing actually looks. However the 'live' model was sporting reversed wings. To correct one and not screw up the other I needed to give the 'live' model its own texture files.

This is intended as a modders resource tho it can be used as is.

For more information about the Monarch Butterfly please visit:

For Users:
Install via NMM or extract manually to your Skyrim directory (data folder is included in the archive)
Remove via NMM or delete the following files and directories if left empty

Known Issues:
When the game screen is frozen due to a menu or console action the butterfly inside the jar may show the transparent sections of the original wing. This is most likely due to the layering of meshes and images which make up the jar as a whole.