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Prepare to renew Breezehome in a way that better befits the thane of Whiterun.
This design aims to provide the player with all the tools that he/she needs, while still maintaining the looks and feel of a
"proper home". The renovation takes advantage of the limited space of Breezehome giving it a very detailed look
and includes a neatly placed basement that follows the same principal of limited space. All the crafting tables are
located in the basement and has their own special ares. The author of this mod has extremely high experience and
a long history with playing The Sims, all the way back to the first Sims game. Also, for balance the value of Breezehome
has been raised from 5000 to 12 000 gold, but if you've already purchased Breezehome then count yourself lucky.

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Note: Both of these two videos shows problems related to conflicting mods and is not a fault by the mod itself.


      ♦ Ignitable fireplace
- which can be activated via a switch on the fireplace in the basement
      ♦ High quality lighting
- thanks to the "just in time" script by Daemonjax
      ♦ Lots of Bookcases, weapon mounts, display cases, storage
      ♦ 6 Mannequins
- (optional)
      ♦ Alchemy, enchanting, smithing, cooking areas
      ♦ Two-tier basement
      ♦ Unique furniture such as "realistic" cabinets and bookcases
      ♦ Hearthfires DLC support


When first installing this mod all items in vanilla Breezehome will be removed, so it is important to put all items into your inventory if you do not want to lose them. It is also a good idea not to have any NPCs or your player inside Breezehome while installing this mod.

It may also be necessary to backup your items when updating (this will be noted in the file description).


Q: Is this mod compatible with Hearthfires?
A: Although this mod does not require the Hearthfires, it will respond in the same way as vanilla Breezehome when a children's room is purchased.

Q: Why are some lights flashing when I move the camera?
A: If the flashing light is of the type that casts a shadow you've likely managed to bypass one of the "invisible" activators that determines which lights should be on/off and as a result there are more than 4 shadow casting lights at once. To fix this problem, take a walk around all the areas in the house so that the light script knows where you are.

Q: I aldready own Breezehome, can I still use this mod?
A: Yes, all you need is the key to Breezehome which you have already purchased. Also make sure to grab all your gear from vanilla Breezehome before using the mod permanently. If you wish to test the mod before using it, simply try the mod without overwriting any important save data (beware of autosave).

Q: The house will not load and the game crashes, what is the problem?
A: This is most likely caused by a conflict between Thane's Breezehome and another mod in your load order. Go to "Data Files" in the Skyrim Launcher and try disabling any other mod that makes changes to Whiterun city or Breezehome and set Thane's Breezehome.esp to load last in your load order, then try again.

Q: Some of the weapon mounts are not working.
A: If your game is heavy modded and has a lot of scripts running in the background, this may be the cause. You can either try to wait and see if the problem solves itself or deactivate this mod in data files and make a clean save, then reactivate Thane's Breezehome again.