Blocksteal - prevents accidentally stealing items by towawot
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Added: 28/09/2012 - 10:34AM
Updated: 10/05/2014 - 10:52PM

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Last updated at 22:52, 10 May 2014 Uploaded at 10:34, 28 Sep 2012

--- Maintenance ---

Source code - Github

Creative Commons.

--- Description ---

This mod is that prevents you from accidentally/mis-clicking items that are laying around so you don't unintentionally have a bounty out on you for "stealing".
However, when in sneak mode, this spell is no longer active so that you can steal things.
Also, you can some setting at mcm.

--- Videos ---

add MCM after 1.1

--- Requirements ---

Skyrim version 1.9.32
SKSE version 1.6.16
SkyUI (utilizes the Mod Configuration Menu feature)

--- How to use ---

This mod uses the MCM or Mod Configuration Menu. To find it: click Escape in-game and you will find it below Save and Load on your menu.

--- Installation ---

Recommended: Download using the Nexus Mod Manager or wrye bash , then enable and run.
However, it you using NMM, Please uncheck this option.
(NMM Settings-> General-> don't extract ReadMe files.)

Manual install: Download the archive and extract the contents to the data folder (C:...steamsteamappscommonskyrimdata).

--- Uninstallation ---

Uninstall using Nexus Mod Manager, or manually delete the following files from the data folder:

--- corresponding object types ---

miscobject , flora , soulgem , potion , ingredient , weapon , armor , horse
(please let me if you knew an items or category that needs to be added.)

--- Translation ---

Russian translation by Const24

To the translator's
You can upload to the portal site of your country or skyrim nexus If you were to translate my mod. Please mention the credit and contact us.

--- Special Thanks ---
himika (make towBlockSteal.dll. Thanks alot :D)

category 840 - Crime