UNP Undies Lingerie as Body Replacer by IsharaMeradin
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Added: 28/09/2012 - 12:41AM
Updated: 30/03/2014 - 12:29AM

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Last updated at 0:29, 30 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 0:41, 28 Sep 2012

UNP Undies Lingerie as Body Replacer

This mod provides:
-- Petrovich's lingerie as a body replacer
There are three versions each in its own archive: Black, White & Pink

UNP Main body -- for body textures
UNP Curvy Body -- for modified hand & feet meshes -- tho further inspection indicates that the same hand & feet meshes were used, so it can be skipped

NMM is recommended as it will back up anything that this mod overwrites.
Manual is possible by extracting the contents of the mod archive to the Skyrim directory (data folder is included in archive)

NMM if it was used to install. Else extract the contents of the archive to a clean location and copy/paste the contents into the Skyrim directory. Then right click and choose undo copy. That will remove all files placed (and overwritten) by this mod.

Please Note:
If you install my mod Simply Top with Lingerie before or after installing one of the body replacers, you will on the second mod be prompted to overwrite the lingerie texture files. This is intentional and you may safely overwrite or say no, either way both mods will work.

Load Order:
The body replacer has no esp file and as such should only be installed after the body mods.

Original UNP Undies can be found here: