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Added: 27/09/2012 - 12:26AM
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ShutUpper is a mace that does NO damage and incurs NO bounty, but will knock trash-talkers (or anyone else) down on their smart ass - without getting you attacked or arrested. This is far and away my best; I GUARANTEE YOU WILL HAVE FUN WITH THIS MOD.

Shut Up Nazeem
Shut Up Idolaf
Shut Up Olfina
Shut Up Taarie
Shut Up Lisette
Shut Up Guard
Shut Up Again Taarie
Stormcloak Skeeball
Shut Up Haelga
God Knows I Hate You Taarie

With a reach of 2, speed of 2, NO charge and NO cooldown, this is a fitting weapon for the Thane of Everywhere. Even though it does no damage, you can safely explore with this weapon and no other for hours. Doesn't work on children - you were an annoying kid once too; please don't hit kids. Fall damage still occurs, so enemies will take damage if the fall is great.

Latest version: 3.0.
To craft the ShutUpper, you will need one ingredient from each of the nine holds. You'll either need to be Thane in every hold or else cheat or steal some of the components. In the library of the Bard's College, you will find a book detailing what to do and where to find the components. Use the console (help shutupper) if you would rather cheat. Some of the items you'll need can be stolen/used without becoming Thane, if you play a sneak character.

To install, use NMM. To update from previous versions, uninstall (or deselect) the older version first. 

Thanks to FabianR for inspiration, and anyone else with a similar mod. I liked Unrelenting Blade a lot but it was too powerful for my taste; with ShutUpper you can see where they land. Also I just thought there should be a reward when you become the Thane of all nine holds! This mod provides motivation for that.