Forgotten Settlements by Ruled
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This is a Lorefrendly mod!

It adds mapmarker to vanilla locations, and adds some lorefriendly village, settlement and city.
This hamlets were in the Elder Scrolls Arena game, but they were cutout from this game.

There are merchants and followers too!

It adds:

Raven Nest.esp:
-Raven Nest ->Windhelm

-Oakwood ->Falkreath

Forgotten Settlements.esp:
-Lainalten ->Markhart
-GarniteHall(Dwemercity ruins) ->Markhart
-Laintar Dale ->Winterhold
-Pargran ->Winterhold
-Olenveld ->Winterhold
-Helachen ->Dawnstar
-Vernim Wood ->Riften
-Old Nord Burial Cahmber ->Riften
-Dragon Wood(Ruins)->Windhelm
-Northshore Creek ->Windhelm/Dawnstar
-Sunbask Forge (Ruins) ->Windhelm
-Blackmoor ->Whiterun
-Amber Guard ->Reach and Whiterun's border
-Dunpar Wall->Labyrinthian
-Northkeep ->Falkreath
-Guardians of Law ->Ruins,in the border of Falkreath and Riften
-Redguard Outpost ->Falkreath and Hammerfell's border
-Bardmont ->Morthal
-Irontree Mill -> Solitude

Mountain Citys.esp:
Reich Corigate ->Riften and Morrowind's border
Lumber Wall -> Pale Pass
Dragas -> Cyrodiil

I added some altars, try to find them...
Good luck for you in your expedition :D
Some of this great citys, and hamlets destroyed during the history of Skyrim, and the wars of the Emperor of Tamriel... They were abandoned, and forgotten, within the shadows...

I added a book to the game, where you can read the stories of the Hamlets. You can find it at The Ruins of Old Marsh!

This mod is compatible with Dawnguard!
This mod is compatible with Hearthfire!
This mod is compatible with Dragonborn!

If you update from v5 to v6 or higher delete my older files:black.esp,blackwith.esp,oakwood.esp,newmaker.esp,NORDBURIAL.esp

Things left to do:
-add quests
-find vioce actors for NPCs

Please don't be lazy, and endorse me :)

Russian translate:

To Bethesda for creating TESV:Skyrim
To Runspect, Ghosu, Oaristys, tueffelachtein for new textures
To Yughues and Tamira for cool tree textures
To Const24 for the Russian translate
To BlackRaven114 for testing
To ACstein for testing
To Road Warrior for good comments
Sorry for my English! :)