Infidels Ranger Armor - Standalone by Infidel
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Added: 20/09/2012 - 05:29PM
Updated: 05/02/2013 - 09:40PM

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Last updated at 21:40, 5 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 17:29, 20 Sep 2012

Upcoming Progress:
Female is done!
The next texture pack (red with black)
New weapons (sword, spear and axe models from my dev team)


Black with Red Detail
Black with Bright Yellow Detail
Red with Black Detail
You choose the next color!

Leave all request in the appropriate Discussion board and I will get to them and announce the upcoming addition.

So this mod came about because a lot of people complained about NoseGoblin not making a
standalone version of his armor. DreamBurrow made a retex of it and made it standalone
but I don't like the brightness very much.

So without further ado I present to you my very first public mod (I don't really like to post my work for whatever reason):

Here is the best of both worlds: it is standalone, it is that nice dark color that befits a roaming assassin
and ranger and it is entirely open to your own enchantments. I may post an alternate version with some
very specific enchantments that aid ranger and assassin alike however I am not going to add any
pickpocketing/lockpicking upgrades (you can do that yourself with necklaces and rings).

Eventually create multiple versions with different color schemes that people can pick based on preference
Add enchantments to strengthen characters of a specific type
Create at least a knife, bow and arrow set that befits a hunter and assassin alike
Create a separate crossbow set for those who have Dawnguard
Create a female version

1. Drag and drop the Data folder into your main Skyrim directory (the one with the launchers, etc.)

2. It will ask you if you want to merge my folders (meshes and textures) with the directory's. You do want to do this.
Animations will be overwritten. Specifically those pertaining to bow use, sneaking and movement.
Otherwise your guy won't have these awesome threads.

3. Once you hit yes to all you will now have successfully installed this awesome new mod.

4. Endorse after you experience such swag as you have never experienced in your life!

-DreamBurrows for his idea to create a standalone
-NoseGoblin for his awesome textures
-Me for having the wherewithal to create this neat little mod.