Epic Halloween Overhaul - 2013 by Tentain Shade
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Don't just click the "Download With Manager" button, theres 3 downloads (which all can be downloaded with the manager", required to run the mod. You can find them in the downloads tab.

DESCRIPTION.. um.. stuff?
I know I stated this somewhere in the description; but I'll just toss it up here as well. This mod adds halloween stuff about, each city also has a key and a chest with Halloweenish loot. There's a dungeon next to solitude, although not complete, and a quest in whiterun, although not complete. There's an overhaul of the music, one small town has been decorated- there is no key and chest there. You can also get keys from bosses, they're used on chests. If anyone wants to rewrite this description; feel free to message me or leave a comment. If you're into game design and want to work on a project (in Unity 3D, or game maker if that's your thing), feel free to message me- don't bother leaving a comment. If you're into Skyrim modding, and want me to help with something or to make a specific mod; message me. If you have any questions about the mod; leave a comment.

Oh also because people have issues with load order, if you have anything which effects cities, or npcs in cities- load them after HO13, or load HO13 at the bottom of the load order.

IF YOU STILL HAVE HO12 ESP LOADED, delete it; it's just junk and will probably causes crashes.

Let's see; what else to say in here, hmmmm.. If you have any requests, just post in comments. If you are a modder and want to add something to the overhaul; feel free to post in comments, if you're an eligible young women and want to talk to me- Post in comments. If you liek mudkipz- you know the rest. Post anything in comments, I'll respond to 80% of issues mentioned in there.

Oh yeah, also before I don't really play Skyrim, feel free to post screenshots. Almost all the current screenies are old.


_Somewhere Between 2013 and 2012_


New patch released, added the first Gloomanor Dungeon. Recommended level: 20.
Seems possible for a level 10 though, but the enemies are leveled. Sorry for it being such a short dungeon, but I only gave myself, five days to make it. :p


This is a very large mod, which adds Halloween Music, decorations, quests, treasure, etc all over the main cities.

Touching up on the 2012 Halloween Overhaul description..
Here are some big points with the mod.

Overhauled cemeteries.
Voice-Acted quest in Whiterun.
Decorated cities.
Overhauled music.
Some new enemies.
New weapons and armor.
Couple dungeons.
Many new items.
New NPCs.
Modified NPCs.

And even more which I cannot think of at this very moment.
Can somebody make a new review video on this mod, the ones posted are outdated.

Also thank you to all whom helped make this the great mod it is.

Do not use resources without permission from the original authors.

The Nexus-
badgremlin - A bunch of 3D models.
Merilla&Tamira&Yughues- Lots of Pumpkins
Tamira - Jack O Lantern, Lollypop
Deadmer0610 - DS2- Death Mask
Maxxehdood - Evil bloody draugr skins
Ochinsama - Witches' Hat
ysbkvkud - Witch Girl Robe
Moicom - Guy Fawkes Mask
Motch1391 - Majora's Mask
MastaWizard - Rupees
Tentain Shadowfall(me) - Some weapons, tiki torches, and a large number of other resources.

Tamira&Arion - Teddy Bears
Insanity - Insanity's Headstones, Lanterns, and chessboard.

Newgrounds Audio Portal-
The Masters House - WingoWinston
O Come all ye dreadful - WingoWinston
Strolling In a Dark Forest - WingoWinston
Halloween Town - Chronamut
MysticQuestBoss - killkhan
Zombie Caverns - 3kliksphilip
Doomsday Brigade - Breed
Vampire Night - NexhasUnleashed
Lonely Room - Rig
Zombie Party - Rig & Gene-goldstein & Gumboozle
Dark Holidays - Andersson187
Reanimated - ZStriefel
PhantomBattle - hektikmusic
Power Surge - Psil0
Darker Stormy - Pftq
~'{Sand Rift}'~ - Kid2Will
Jacks Lantern - Hades
The Trickster - Shadow6nothing9
Dancing Dolls - LiquidOoze
Gay Vampire - HLG
.Halloween. - Koit
Endless Slaughter - TheDoomrider
The Devil's Fugue - Adompeace
Evil Foundry - Skyler182
-+[October]+- - LadyArsenic
Spookerss - Tarteviant
Halloween Dawning - MalTheDestroyer
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Gnashing of Souls - S3C
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Halloween Special-Frankenstein - Sorohanro
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The Horde! - Death-is-forever
The Witch's Incantation - Cydrius
Everfree - ColaEuphoria