AOF HD Tree LODs by AnOldFriend
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Added: 20/09/2012 - 03:25AM
Updated: 08/02/2015 - 09:30AM

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Last updated at 9:30, 8 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 3:25, 20 Sep 2012

This is a high resolution (4096x4096) re-working of the LOD trees texture. I found many touch up mods for this texture but no high res version, so I figured I would make my own.

The only tree not affected at the moment is the white flowery trees (not sure what it is called) as I couldn't find the models for them.....I will get to the last remaining tree set when I can spare the time, and after I find the models.

Video review of this, and other mods by SaioTV:

I recently downloaded Skyrim Bigger Trees by xweto and jonigts:

And while this mod makes forests look amazing, it made the low resolution of the LOD texture very obvious. So comes my high resolution re-working of the LOD texture. While this mod is not required, I do recommend it. :)

UPDATE: November 25 2012

Added lower resolution (2048x2048) under optional files.

There will be 3 download options for you to choose from.

1- Compressed DXT5 dds format.

2- Un-compressed 32bit dds format (This is a very large file, and is not recommend unless you have a beast PC. May cause very long load times.)

3- The do it your damn self option. Otherwise known as a PSD file with layers, masks, and so on intact. For anybody who might like to make changes to fit your game.


Merge into your data folder and overwrite if prompted.