Stop Talking To Yourself Bandit by Togetic
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Added: 14/09/2012 - 12:59PM
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Are you tired of hearing the bandits say things like:

"Go to college, Da said... use your smarts, he said. Huh, like I'm supposed to figure out which college he meant!"

"Told him to just hand over the gold, but did he listen? Oh, no... they always have to fight back..."

"Retire some day...get myself an island..."

Over and over and over...
This mod simply disables these annoying and repetitive monolouges so you won't ever hear them again. And enables you to sneak around bandits in peace, without having to think to yourself "Ugh, not again".

How to Install:
Just extract the esp file to the Skyrim\Data folder.
Or just simply use the NMM.

How to Uninstall
Remove the file from the Skyrim\Data folder or Uninstall with the NMM.

Please ask me before uploading this mod somewhere else.

I don't now if there is a mod like this already, I've tried searching for one.