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This is a small mod that is aimed at making the housecarls a little more unique without getting too far away from the originals.

-- Housecarls have stealth perks that keep them from triggering pressure plates, and keep them silent.
-- Differ in fighting styles, and come equipped with different weapons and armors.
-- Can now sleep from 12 to 8pm (but won't lock you out).
-- Wear clothes at home that fit the look of their town.

LYDIA has new warpaint, and hair tied back. She is a double sword wielding fighter. She wears a simple dress at home, leather armor with steel-plate boots on the road.

IONA is a Bosmer archer now. Wears a green robe at home, steel plate armor on the road.

CALDER grew a proper Nord beard, wears simple clothes at home and leather armor with Stormcloak officer's boots and gaunlets and a nordic helm when out on the road. He is best at 1hand weapons.

ARGIS looks about the same. He wears simple clothes at home, Dwarven armor on the road. A 2-handed fighter that carries a dwarven battleaxe.

JORDIS has a new hair-style and warpaint (see images). She lives in the richest city, so she wears posh clothes at home and plate armor outside. She's another 1hand fighter.