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As of update 1.21 there will be a dawnguard and a dawnguard + dragonborn main file. once im done with an area i will release it under Dawnguard then i will go back and add stuff from dragonborn such as with Death Mountain adding different ash ground textures, lava balls, burning tree branches, changing the climate to have ash storms.

Also check out another amazing zelda Oot Mod.

plz support this team and their hard work ( ) to the site for the other OoT Skyrim Zelda mod
Next update: Updating Lost woods into its own worldspace Almost done.

Last Completed section
Redoing Death Mountain in its own worldspace.
I am still looking for people that can make custom Oot weapons (Megaton Hammer, Deku Stick, Fairy Bow)
and if possible (Fairy Slingshot, Boomerang, Longshot)

let me know if you want to help

This world is a WIP

Meaning there are no or little:


Few people ( just working on how patrols work)


these will be coming.

This mod will include:

The Complete world of Hyrule's field and all surrounding areas.
I will be adding updates as i get new areas close to completion

Coming soon! Hyrule with LOD.
dont like watching areas loading as you get closer? well that will soon be gone.

i have it working.

only problem is that there is purple ground textures at a distance ( that only affect this mod does not mess with skyrim ),
normal up close

if you want the LOD files let me know and ill put them on nexus.

I have changed how you get into Hyrule. i have removed the door near riverwood and added a new boat to the solitude docks outside of town which you can fast travel to. take the trapdoor to be taken to the new Hyrule Port.


Forest: Main Layout done: 85% complete
Fire: Started 20% complete
Water: started. ~60 - 80% complete (update 1.03)
Shadow: WIP 8/16/12
Spirit: Not Started ( snow area not a desert area)
Inside the Great Deku Tree 90% complete

Areas added:
Hyrule's Field: 5/13/12

Lon Lon Ranch: 5/13/12 (Redone 8/21/12)

Lake Hylia: 5/16/12

Kokiri Forest 95% complete: 5/16/12

Lost Woods 80% complete: 5/16/12

Inside the Great Deku Tree: 5/18/12

Fishing pond: ( Lake hylia ) 5/22/12

Zora's River: 5/22/12

Hyrule port: 6/19/12

Goron City: 6/23/12 enter from death mountain or lost woods (i have fixed the path from lost woods to Goron city ( was causing game brightness to dim and not allowing you to load another game)

Hyrule Marketplace redone: 7/3/12 ( music added 7/19/12)

Temple of Time: 7/3/12

Hyrule Castle: 7/15/12

Inside Hyrule Castle: 7-19-12

Forest temple: main layout done 8/14/12

Shadow Temple: WIP

Gerudo valley: 9/5/12

Frozen Wasteland 9/5/12 still WIP

interiors done for Lon Lon Ranch's three buildings - 9/10/12

Thieve's Hideout - 9/10/12

Zora's Domain 9/12/12

Sacred Forest Meadow 10/25/12 ( moved entrance to forest temple to the correct location )

Zoras Fountain - Complete

Ice Cavern - WIP

New Kokiri Forest: remaking Kokiri Forest and Lost woods by making them their own separate World Spaces.
this will fix the issue of the game telling you " To Hyrule" when entering these areas.
you will now see "To Kokiri Forest" and "To Lost Woods" instead.
removing the walls around Kokiri Forest and adding trees around the town instead to make it feel more like your in the Forest.

Music has now been added to hyrule (i do not own this music. songs from zelda the ocarina of time
are owned by Nintendo

to get music
1. go to and click on Download Complete Zipped Soundtrack

2. then convert the music mp3 files into 16-bit 44100 .wav file (i used Freemake Audio Converter at very easy to use.

3. Then in your Data folder make a new folder called music and then place your new .wav files into the folder and you will have music.
Areas with music
Lost wood
Kokiri Forest
Hyrule Field
Goron Ctiy
The Great Deku Tree
Kakariko Village
Temple of Time
Hyrule Castle
Inside Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Market
Hope you all like
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