Hjerim Home Improvement - Secret Room Chests by Volek
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Added: 02/12/2011 - 09:14PM
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Japanese Translation Patch by aohige:

Hjerim Home Improvement - Secret Room Chests 1.4a (by Volek)

After purchasing the Hjerim Home, you can buy Alchemy and Enchanting labs for the secret room. However there is no possibility to store your stuff in this room, you would have to use the wardrobes and sacks around the house. This mod changes that and adds the following:

* Alchemist's Chest
* Enchanter's Chest
* Bookcase
* Candlelights
* Rug

The chests and the bookcase are safe, no items will get lost. There's already some minor loot in them, but it won't respawn. I added the rug just because the room looked kinda empty.

I strongly recommend finishing the Blood On Ice quest and purchasing the house and the upgrades before installing this mod.

Beware of a bug in the upgrade purchasing dialog: You need to buy the "cleanup" FIRST, then buy the other upgrades. If you don't do this, you may not be able to buy the cleanup at all. Note this is not caused by this mod, it's Bethesda's fault and may be fixed in future game versions.

However, there's a user-made fix for this bug: Hjerim Bloody cleanup by Sk8on and Toutatis

Extract the Data folder from the zip file to your Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/ folder, and activate the esp file with the Skyrim Launcher.

It is safe to upgrade without de-installing the mod. Your stuff will still be there after installing the newest version.

1.4a - fixed interior cell name bug
1.4 - added candlelights, changed rug model
1.3 - added bookcase, changed enchanter's chest position, some minor position changes
1.2 - chests and rug now have unique IDs, to prevent the rug bug
1.1 - changed alchemist chest model, some minor position changes
1.0 - initial release

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