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Added: 09/09/2012 - 08:33PM
Updated: 13/02/2014 - 04:15AM

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Requires Skyrim version or higher.


A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons. Instead, the citizens will run to safety like smart people should when faced with the horrors of giant flying fire breathing lizards. NPCs who live in the attack location who own a home there will retreat to it. If the attack location has an inn, NPCs who don't live there will flee to the inn, along with any NPCs who live outdoors. If no inn is present the game picks a random interior from the surrounding area and those NPCs will flee there instead.

This should work for any NPCs added by mods as well, up to a limit of 150 in the area. After that, they're on their own. The NPCs chosen are first come, first serve by the game engine.

Guards, members of The Companions, Vigilants of Stendaar, and the player's followers/teammates will not run, they will stand and fight. Farm animals will not run either, because they're stupid. That includes your horse.

Installation Requirements

Official Skyrim patch or greater.


Tested and confirmed to work with Open Cities Skyrim.

Should be fully compatible with Dragons Diversified.

Should be fully compatible with Mighty Dragons.

Should be fully compatible with SKREEE - Less Frequent Dragons.

Compatible with Deadly Dragons, provided the dragon is spawned using the vanilla system. The scripted events system IS NOT COMPATIBLE. No dragons spawned through the scripted system will trigger the flee response. Since the script source is not available for Deadly Dragons, it is currently not possible to examine how it works and devise a potential method for enabling the two to work together.

Not fully compatible with any mod that directly modifies the vanilla dragon encounter system to force-spawn more than one dragon in an attack. NPCs will run as expected, but they will emerge from hiding after the first dragon is dead (or flies away in fear etc), and obviously if there are more around they'll become vulnerable to collateral damage at that point.

Mods which alter the following quests will not be compatible without a patch:

WIChangeLocation09 - Dragon Attack
WE04 - Player vs Dragon
WEJS18 - Corpses in the aftermath of a dragon attack, Dog left behind

Mods which edit the following scripts will not be compatible unless patched:


Other Complementary Mods

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