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Mt. Peril is now part of my Qaxe Questorium mod and this stand-alone version will not be updated further. Qaxe Questorium puts all of my best mods into one plugin, and any future edits will be made there. Thanks!

MT. PERIL is a fortress-home for the player that must be earned, rather than bought with coin. Mt. Peril is located on the mountain just west of Solitude, and east of the Thalmor Embassy. From the Solitude stables go west along the road and take the first right. Head up the road and at the first brazier-fire, make your way to the north side of the mountain.

READ ME: The README tab above (opens in your browser) contains valuable info on updates, troubleshooting, quests, and more.

ENEMIES: "Hard". Gatriil Aisenglen thought hosting a conference for opposing mage clans was a good idea. He was wrong.

AMENITIES: Furnishings can be purchased from the steward, Engaer. He can help you brighten up your laboratory, clean up the library, brief you on local news, and more. But first you'll have to find him and the rest of the fortress staff.

QUEST HINT: Need a hint on how find resident staff? Go to the small garden with the pink tree and look around.

SPECIAL ITEMS: The forge will permit you to craft some items unavailable elsewhere and Lykke sells quite a few goodies as well.

LIGHTING: Mt. Peril was made WITHOUT interior light altering mods or ENB in mind.

INSTALLATION: I recommend NMM. This mod contains a lot of little pieces. For manual installation, I'd use the .bsa version. Several of my mods use the same "teleport home" script, and is safe to overwrite.

BE AWARE: Our ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy may differ greatly.

COMMENTS I rarely read comments these days. Check the ReadMe for more info. Otherwise, good gaming.

CRAVE MORE ADVENTURE? Qaxe Questorium puts all of my best mods into ONE plugin!
Icicle Valley, Ol Arrow Knee, Mt. Peril, Clearspire, Winterhold Rebuild, and Whitewater Falls.

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