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MT. PERIL is located on the mountain just west of Solitude, and east of the Thalmor Embassy. From the Solitude stables go west along the road and take the first right. Head up the road and at the first brazier-fire, make your way to the north side of the mountain.

README! The README tab above contains info on quests, updates, troubleshooting, spells, spoilers, and known conflicts.

LEVEL: "Very hard". Although Mt. Peril is technically a "House Mod", it's not a "free house". You don't buy it with coin; you earn it. Enemies inside and out must be defeated before you can be sure the place is safe. Among the dozen sections of Mt. Peril, most are filled with unhappy guests of the previous owner, etc. Enemies do not respawn once you've vanquished them.

FORTRESS: The interior includes a massive first floor complete with an alchemy/enchanting room, large smithy, a garden, and a master bedroom with so many containers, weapons plaques, etc. even pack-rats like me have enough storage space. The fortress includes several merchants and trainers, and some potential followers of course. Find Gatriil Aisenglen and apprise him of the situation at Mt. Peril and maybe things will change.

RESIDENTS: There are trainers, rich merchants and potential followers, but many have been imprisoned and cannot help you until you help them.
Potential followers are all equipped with perks that keep them from springing traps and making a lot of noise. Guards may be hired as well.

SPECIAL ITEMS: Check what Jaquen has to sell. Also, do investigate all sections of the mod. You never know what I've put in there.

INSTALLATION: Open "" with 7zip (etc). Put the "Data" folder from my mod in your Skyrim folder. You'll be asked if you want to merge folders, click "Yes". Several of my mods use the same "teleport home" script, and this one is safe to overwrite.

BE AWARE: Our ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy may differ greatly.

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