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Dark Souls Rings
Author: iLiveforPT (aka gotenwarrior61)

With the recent release of Dark Souls on the PC, I am sure many of you have picked it up, and more than likely enjoyed it.
This mod adds many of the rings from Dark Souls (not the models, just the effects) translated into Skyrim as best as I could.

- Feel free to give tips or suggestions how to add the rings left out in this

mod or to tweak the ones I have already added.

1. Drag the included Data folder over to "(Program Files)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim"
2. Ensure the associated .esp is checked.
3. Play

1. Delete the "Dark Souls Rings" ESP file in "Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data"

Item Location/Information
Adds a "bonfire" with a chest (containing all of the rings) to the side of the Temple in Whiterun, picture of location in images.

These are the rings added and their effects in Skyrim:
Bellowing Dragoncrest - Destruction spells cost 25% less to cast.
Cloranthy - Regenerate stamina 50% faster.
Cursebite - Resist disease 80%.
Dusk Crown - Fortify magicka 100 points, damage health 70 points.
Favor and Protection - Fortifyh health, magicka, and carry weight 20 points.
Flame Stoneplate - Resist fire 50%.
Havel's - Fortify carry weight 50 points.
Lingering Dragoncrest - Alteration spells cost 50% less to cast.
Poisonbite - Resist poison 80%.
Slumbering Dragoncrest - Muffle movement noise.
Speckled Stoneplate - Resist magic, fire, and shock 25%.
Spell Stoneplate - Resist magic 50%.
Steel Protection - Fortify armor rating 50 points.
Sun's Firstborn - Restoration spells cost 20% less to cast.
Thunder Stoneplate - Resist shock 50%.
Tiny Being's - Fortify health 30 points.

v1.0 - Initial Release

FromSoftware and Bethesda for their amazing games

Tools Used
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