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Dawnguard DLC is required

Forgotten Magic brings you some of the most comprehensive and intriguing spells for Skyrim to date! Following on from the Deadly Dragons: Spells mod, the arcane arts have now been mastered.

While other magic mods oftentimes introduce hundreds of different spells (which can be a bit overwhelming) this mod takes a different approach. Forgotten Magic provides a smaller set of spells, that partially complement each other, and tries to keep them balanced and immersive.

What makes this mod special is that the spells you use will level up with you and enable you to unlock some of the mysteries hidden within their scripts, bestowing new effects upon them as they grow stronger and stronger.
Those who want to use as many different spells as possible can use this mod alongside other popular magic mods without any problems.

Forgotten Magic goes a long way towards achieving true complementary spell casting, by giving you the opportunity to master a set of spells that will cover your style of play, in your schools of magic, while unleashing a wealth of combined effects that will dazzle even the Archmage.

And you can even make use of the souls of dragons, to allow your spells to grow in power more quickly, for a short period of time. Interested?


Forgotten Magic adds 42 new spells to your game, each with 7 possible improvements to the spell, over 280 improvements in total. The level of the spells is capped at 4.
Spells gain experience as you use them, which allows you to unlock a new effect each time they level up.
These improvements, as well as the spells themselves can be combined for potential greater effects; it’s up to you to decide where your true power and nature lie.

There are also 9 powers to help you complete your style of play. These are mostly passive abilities that last until cancelled.

The "Forgotten Magic" power is used to open the menu to level up your new spells. Simply equip your chosen spell to your *Left hand*, activate the power, and the menu will appear. You can view your current spell experience, remaining points, and the upgrades available for that particular spell here. Also, once you've used a spell enough for it to reach the next level, you will receive a small notification saying "Your spell has leveled up!" on the top left corner of your screen.

Spells gain experience through a successful hit on a target, or when you use them during combat, if it's a passive spell or something similar. For every level you gain within your spell, the required experience is increased two-fold. Only the most dedicated will master their craft. The Dovahkiin possesses a certain advantage over the normal fair of mages and can spend a dragon soul to increase experience gained by your spells for 6 hours. This ability is called "Arcane Mind", and you need to unlock it first by reading the associated tome (which you must find or buy from Dominus).


Click on the magic school name to view its full description.

IMPORTANT: The "Impact"-perk of the destruction-tree doesn't affect spells of this mod. This is intentional, because, quite frankly, the "Impact"-perk is overpowered. If you already have the "Impact"-perk with your character you can type into the console:

"player.removeperk 153d2" - this removes the impact-perk
"player.addperk " - this adds the perk of your choice instead (you can find the id's for all the perks here Skyrim-Skills ... just click on any of the masteries and look for the ID's)


To start the quest that will enable you to learn the spells, you need to talk to Dominus in Whiterun. He can be found wandering around in the city or inside the Bannered Mare (sometimes he hides in one of the backrooms).

You will get the first spell of your chosen mastery as a reward for completing the quest. The rest can either be bought from Dominus ("Do you have something special?") or can be found in strongboxes in various dungeons listed below:

  • Bleak Falls Barrow - random spells
  • Forsaken Cave - Death Magic
  • Folgunthur - Frost Magic
  • Forelhost - Storm Magic
  • Orotheim - Divine Magic
  • Pinewatch - Nature Magic
  • Sunderstone Gorge - Fire Magic
  • Hag's End - Arcane Magic


Thank you Brodual for being the first to feature this mod.
This video is outdated now (and the mod is called Forgotten Magic now),
but it still does a good job at showing the concept:

Many thanks to Preykousis (LiveStyleGaming):

Thank you TheXPGamers for featuring it:


  • Storm Magic overhaul (the last magic-type that still needs an overhaul)
  • Implementation of the second part of the quest (which will get rid of the lock boxes and make the spells easier to obtain)
  • MCM-menu support
  • Better balance in combination with mods that add an increase in spell damage with increasing destruction skill (for example: Better Magic, Balanced Magic, Mighty Magick)
  • Voice-acting for the introductory quest


  • So far there are very, very few known, confirmed compatibility issues. Should you experience any, please notify us in the comments and 3jiou will take a look at it as soon as he can.
  • As a general rule: Before notifying us of your problem in the comments, try switching the load order of your mods (putting Forgotten Magic at the end or at the beginning of the load order) and see if that helps.
  • Because the same questions are asked again and again: Forgotten Magic is compatible with "T3nd0s Skyrim Redone", "Apocalypse Spell Package" and any other magic-mod for that matter (except that other mod actually deletes spell-textures and animations from the game, or something equally crazy, which usually shouldn't happen). Both these mods are also listed in the Recommended Mods section below (among other magic-mods).

  • Some of the newly added, more advanced destruction-perks of SkyRe don't apply to Forgotten Magic spells yet (this will be added in the future). All perks that are based on the vanilla-perks apply though.
  • The "Elemental Cyclone" spell of Apocalypse seems to mess with several spells of Forgotten Magic (causing weird stutter and graphical glitches)

IMPORTANT: Forgotten Mastery (version 3.5.0 or below) is NOT compatible with Forgotten Magic (version 4.0.0 or above). If you are updating from version 3.5.0 or below, you need to create a clean save: Delete the old version of the mod (named Forgotten Mastery), then load a save and immediately create a new save (don't overwrite an old save, but create a new slot). Close the game and install Forgotten Magic. Load Forgotten Magic with the new save.


  • If you don't get the option to start the quest when talking to Dominus, just save and reload.
  • Because of a strange conversion issue apostrophes (‘) might appear as square boxes in the quest-dialogues with Dominus. At the moment, however, this can’t be fixed. If anyone has a solution for this problem, please contact 3jiou.
  • Because the dialogue in the newly introduced quest isn’t voiced yet, users may experience a problem with the display of the dialogue lines (they disappear too fast). This is exactly because there aren’t any voice-files attached to the dialogue yet.

A quick and very nice solution for this issue is the following plugin:
Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice

This plugin requires SKSE. To install the plugin, just download the archive and then install it either with Nexus mod manager or manually extract its contents into the Data-folder of Skyrim (I recommend the former option though).

You don’t have SKSE installed? No worries, here is a very nice tutorial-video by Gopher, where he explains how to install SKSE:

If you have not installed SKSE until now, you should really consider it, because some of the best interface-mods to this date require it (see recommended mods section below). You can install SKSE without any worries, it won't interfere with mods that' don't require it.

You can download SKSE here:


You can find a list of recommended mods in this article.
I decided to create the list in the form of an article to not overstuff the main page.