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Added: 15/11/2011 - 10:07AM
Updated: 17/11/2011 - 08:51AM

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i downloaded some cheat script, and i dont like them, some give unnecessary item or wrong item, stats ..etc. so i made this myself

*INSTALL: drop text files in skyrim folder.

*USE: when the game is runnin press "~" and type:

bat GetDragonArmor
-give u dragon plate and scale armor set.

bat GetDaedric
-give u daedric armor set and weapon,100000 daedric arrows and 50 ebonyignot.

bat GetDragonSoul
- give u 100 dragon souls

bat getshout
-get all shout

bat getperk
- all perk

bat getspell
- all spell tomb

bat getskill
- max out all skill, no lvli up.

bat getstat
-900 health, magicka, stamina and 1000 carry weight (if u want more u can change the value in text file)

if ur game too easy u can use this "player.setlevel #" to Increase character lvl and make mobs
more stronger


bat GetOrcish
- get orcish armor set and weaps
bat Getshout
- reduces shout cooldown by 50%
bat getstat
- fixd carry weight reset when stat new game