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Please download the new version of this mod Dread Prison. It is an overhauled version that will be maintained and updated. Thank you.

Welcome to the Prison of Despair. Having trouble with bandits, Jarls, Imperials, Stormcloaks, guards, or anyone else in Skyrim? You can now send them to your own private prison to rot behind bars forever. Besides being able to send anyone to prison, you can host battles in the arena and watch as your prisoners suffer for survival.
The prison is located south of Solitude. (See picture)
Inspired by the Oblivion mod "Carcernus Prison".

-Cell Block
-Torture Chamber
-Guard Barracks
-Warden's Office

-Prison Teleport Spell
-Arena Teleport Spell
-Dragon Pit Teleport Spell
-22 Arrest Spells
-8 Arena Spells
-6 Holding Cell Spells
-6 Cage Spells
-4 Dragon Pit Spells
-Free Prisoner Spell
-Remove Items Spell
-A Few Others

Cell Block:
The cell block has 22 cells where you can imprison anyone you want. There will be a spell tome in-front of each cell. You can use these spells to arrest anyone to the corresponding cell.

In The Arena You Will Find 8 Spell Tomes. There Is One Spell For Each Arena Cage. Using These Spells On Anyone In Skyrim Will Send Them To The Corresponding Arena Cage. Prisoners In Each Cage Will Be Friendly With Each Other But Enemies With Prisoners In Every Other Cage. This Gives You The Ability To Host Many Different Types Of Battles. Individuals, Teams, Anything You Want To Do. You Can Also Trigger Traps That Are Set Up In The Arena And Spawn 4 Types Of Enemies To Add To The Battle. Giants, Dwarven Spheres, Dwarven Spiders, And Death Soldiers.

1.0-Added Cell 18 (Dungeon), Added Armory, Added Prison Carriages Infront Of Each Major City.
1.1-Added Torture Chamber.
1.2-Bug Fixes.
1.3-Added Sewers To Cell Block, Added Prison Carriage At Prison Entrance.
1.4-Expanded Barracks, Added Torture Cage Spells, Added 2 New Followers.
1.5-Added Prison Ship, Added Storm-Blade Bandits (Dungeon), Prison Cell Fixes.
1.6-Fixed Prison Carriage Problem, Added Dragon Pit, Added Watchtower Near Entrance, Added "Summon Prison Guard" Spell, Added "Blade Of Despair".
1.7-Expanded Barracks, Patched For Add-on 5.
1.8-Added Catacombs, Added Cell 18 Spell, Connected Watchtower To Prison.
1.9-Added Armor Of Despair, Added Mine.
2.0-Added 2 Watchtowers: 1 East Of Whiterun and 1 East Of Markarth, Faction Fixes, Expanded Torture Chamber, Fixed Patrolling Guards, Added Prison Guardian, Fixed Spell Numbering, Removed Cell 18 (Dungeon), Added Dragon Pit Spells, Added A Few Easter Eggs, Made Update File A Master File.
2.1-Spell Fixes, Arena Faction Adjustments, Added Prison Carriages Outside Of New Watchtowers, Made Update File A Two Part File-One .esm And One .esp.
2.2-Cleaned With TES5Edit, Fixed Wall Errors, Returned Update File To One .esp.
2.3-Bug fixes, put resources into a BSA file. Final release.

Add-on 1-City Prisons-Adds prison cells to each city where you can send even more people to rot behind bars. There is a new prison in each hold located through a trapdoor in the hold's jail. You can find a barrel with a key to these cells and the arrest spells for these cells in a barrel on the left of the breezehome in Whiterun.
Add-on 2-Treasure Hunt-Adds a treasure room for you to find and loot. To find the way to get there go to the map table in the wardens room.
Add-on 3-Cell Block 2-Adds 24 more cells for those of you who want more room to put prisoners.
Add-on 4-Dawnguard-Adds prisons to Fort Dawnguard and Volkihar Keep for you to hold more prisoners. Some guards in the Prison Of Despair will carry crossbows. Requires Dawnguard.
Prison Downsize-Makes the prison much smaller for those of you that want a very basic prison. It is not compatible with any updates or add-ons.

Oaristys and Tony67-Modders Resource Pack

cancrena-Daedric Armor and Weapons Glow Replacer

Gizmodian-Real Silver Swords

lautasantenni-Treasure Crafting

InsanitySorrow-Insanitys Goldbrand

Silver1310-German Translation