Multiple Lycanthropy Regift by Arron Dominion
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Added: 01/09/2012 - 01:28AM
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Last updated at 23:05, 22 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 1:28, 1 Sep 2012

For those who are Dawnguard, and decided to become a vampire only in the Soul Cairn, you would decided to try to cure it immediately right? Well, if you are a Companion and wanted your werewolf back, you could go there. I finished the Dawnguard portion, and wanted to go back in the Soul Cairn...had to turn back to vampire. After that I went back to the Companions, well...turns out it was a one time deal.

With this mod, you can do this multiple times.

What is added:
-Have Lycanthropy Regifted Multiple Times from Aela at the Companions

Known Quirks:
-None at the moment

-Requires Dawnguard
-Must not have regifted already, since the vanilla script closes the dialogue immediately after you do it.
-Changes vanilla script, remove .bsa if uninstalling

Fix for Dialogue:
-Type this in your console: resetquest xx00f899 (xx is the load order. Normal Skyrim is 00. The next in the list 02, 03, and so on. If you downloaded Dragonborn first its 02 and dawnguard is 03. If you dont know which load order your current add-on is open the Data files in the Skyrim menu ( the menu which appeares first. not the ingame menu) and look. the first mod or add-on is 02, the second 03, ...