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Investigate a scholar's expedition to western Skyrim on the trail of possible Sload activity, discover new books and a unique weapon of a culture alien to Tamriel, and gain possession of a small but functional new player home.

Thrassian Plaguesword is both a unique new scratch-built sword, and an accompanying lore-friendly mini-quest for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, featuring several new books written specifically for the mod. Travel to Rorikstead and investigate a shack just outside town to begin the quest.

  • Complete a lore-rich new mini-quest
  • Acquire the Thrassian Plaguesword, a venomous artifact of the Sload race
  • Find new lore-friendly books and items
  • Acquire a functional player home near Rorikstead with storage and crafting

The quest is short, and not designed with fast travel or button-mashing in mind, but rather roleplay, exploration and lore detail. Some of the mod's darker themes and subtleties assume a mature audience.

In addition to the full mod, two separate versions are provided to suit different preferences. Each of the three versions is self-contained - only download and install one version!

The full mini-quest as it was intended to be played.

Craft your own Plaguesword(s) at any forge, including unenchanted versions: for those who don't want the additional quest content, or want to roleplay the Plaguesword differently. Smithing requirements: Daedric Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith (enchanted version), 2x ebony ingot, 1x daedra heart, 3x mudcrab chitin, 2x leather strips.

Find the Plaguesword in an unguarded chest: for those who don't want the additional quest content and whose characters can't or don't want to craft the sword. The chest is located near the Markarth gates, above the river behind Left Hand Mine.

A version of the .bsa file with low-res textures for any who might need them.

Copy the FH_Plaguesword.esp file and the FH-Plaguesword.bsa file from the downloaded archive into your game's Data directory. Enable FH_Plaguesword.esp in data files.

Low-Res Textures
If you need the low-res version, copy the FH-Plaguesword.bsa file from into your game's Data directory and overwrite.

Uncheck FH_Plaguesword.esp in data files and delete FH_Plaguesword.esp and FH_Plaguesword.bsa from your game's Data directory.

Compatibility & Known Issues
There should be no incompatibilities with any other mods, excepting mods which add content to the exact same exterior locations.

Note that your companion(s)/follower(s) won't follow you into the ruin during the quest. This is a design decision, due to the elevated and hard-to-reach location of the ruin entrance. Any companions left outside will still be there when (or if!) you return.

When disenchanted to learn the Plaguesword Rot enchantment, the enchantment will incorrectly list 'immune to stagger' as an effect. The stagger immunity is scripted and only applies to the original Plaguesword.

Many thanks to insane0hflex, olivierhacking, and RenikoSeika for these great videos featuring the mod!

Everyone is free to use the assets created for this mod as modder's resources for their own mods and projects. If you do so, please credit me and link back to this mod (

Me (Fearless Hero on Nexus/BGSF) - all game art, literature, and Creation Kit work unique to this mod.
I can be contacted at

Additional Credits
Robin Scott - for the excellent Nexus family of modding sites, and his generosity and dedication.
The artist (Geoff Taylor? David Gallagher?) - for the old WH concept art the Plaguesword is inspired by.
Michael Kirkbride - for his inspirational TES storytelling and worldbuilding.
The Ruinous Powers of Chaos, specifically Nurgle - without whose pestilent presence this mod would never have been created.