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Orcish meets Nordic

This plugin adds a bow to the game.
The bow is made by orcish blacksmithing,
which is also needed to prepare it themselves.
The decorations, however reflect the ornamentation of the Nords.
The bow is to be found in the main hall of Jorrvaskr.

You can use it combined with Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows by EvilDeadAsh34 .
He was so kind to make a conversion : CQv3 - Svartbough 1dot1

The statistics, except the weight are those of a daedric bow.
Weight : 12
Damage : 19
Speed : 500
Crit Dmg : 9

Damage : 18

Thanks to Brodual for the video!

To install, extract the data folder from the archive folder into Skyrim.
Enable Svartbough.esp In the Skyrim Launcher under game files and play.
To uninstall, delete the "esp" from the Data folder, also the subfolders
Meshes and Textures \ Weapons \ Svartbough.

"Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows" + optional file "CQv3 Svartbough 1dot1" by EvilDeadAsh34.

- Release
- Forgeable arrows added, also available at Fihada in Solitude.

This plugin was created with Blender, Gimp, and the Creation Kit
All textures and meshes are handmade.
When using the plugin or parts of it for projects that are published
I ask for a reference to me as the autor of Svartbough.

You can contact me at skyrim nexus @ atomec

My thanks goes to Nicoroshi for his good advice and encouragement,
to EvilDeadAsh34 for his great mod "Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows" and its conversion for Svartbough,
Artisanix for his "tutorial - bows from 3DS MAX to Skyrim",
Bethesda and the nexus network.