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Added: 02/12/2011 - 08:43AM
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Narmix's Silly Level of Detail mod is back up!!!

All of these have been created by yours truly, and uploaded for your modding enjoyment.
This set is separate from my commercial work and does not contain any of my content used by other companies.
A few months ago I bought Filter Forge to use for work as a kind of speedy cheat. While I prefer to do all of my work from scratch and by hand (see the water level in Allied Assault Squadron), sometimes it's nice to click that good ol' easy button... and click it I did. So, presented to you are many of the fruits of all that clicking.

There is a wide variety of textures included in the folders, too many to show previews of them all. So instead, I included a few tips in the readme that should prove to be more useful than previews. :)

Texture sizes vary. Most are 1024x1024 and are already seamless. Some are 512x512 to 600, and some (like the label textures) are not seamless.

Due to the size of the folders, they have been broken up into groups of one and two.
Flesh and Flora
Glass and Land
Leather and Miscellaneous
Spline Emitter Hair
Stone and Templates
Water and Wood
Plumage PSD has been added as its own download.

Enjoy :)