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This script changes the way you'll think about Shouting in combat -- now it's a skill you can hone and focus on. Shouting increases Speech, and Speech makes Shouts recover faster. Additionally, those three unimpressive Speech perks, Bribery, Persuasion, and Intimidate, now have a use; they allow you to convert Health, Stamina, and Magicka (respectively) into Shout recovery.

-Detailed Changelist-
+ Every Shout increments your Speech skill by a small amount (6 * recovery time by default). The amount is based on the Shout's recovery time; two Shouts with 15 recovery time and one Shout of 30 recovery time increment Speech the same (small) amount.

+ Speech affects your Shout recovery time -- a high Speech means you recover faster. Using the default settings, your Shout recovery time reaches the maximum possible bonus of 50% when your Speech reaches 200. As an example, a Speech of 40 is approximately a 10% recovery time bonus.

+ If you have the Bribery perk, you can press '/' to convert Health directly to Shout recovery at a 6:1 ratio. (The hotkey and the ratio can be configured in the .ini file.) Until you press '/' again, while you have extra Health (it won't go below 1) your Shouts will recover immediately.

+ If you have the Persuasion perk, you can press '>' to convert Stamina directly to Shout recovery at a 6:1 ratio.

+ If you have the Intimidation perk, you can press '<' to convert Magicka directly to Shout recovery at a 6:1 ratio.

To change the hotkeys, Speech skill gain rate, maximum shout recovery bonus, speech to shout recovery bonus ratio, or magicka/stamina/health conversion ratio, edit the shoutCombat.ini file.

To disable perk requirements for the abilities, set requirePerks=0 in the .ini file. To disable the abilities entirely, set speechAbilities=0 in the .ini file.

This mod may be unbalanced, particularly at higher levels. Please let me know what your opinions are and I may tweak the default values to be fairer.

1.1 - speech skill increase now ignores speech-based skill bonuses when incrementing speech skill
speech increase rate set from 5 to 6
added .ini setting for abilities
fixed a bug where you could shout yourself to death with health -> shout conversion when at full HP.
1.0 - original version.

Requires Script Dragon, found here:

1. Install Script Dragon from the above link.
2. Place shoutCombat.asi and shoutCombat.ini into your root Skyrim folder, alongside TESV.exe. Not the Data folder.

Delete shoutCombat.asi and shoutCombat.ini.

Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon.