Terrace Porch for Breezehome by marxercise
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Specifically for players who never tire of doing "nothing," so long as there's scenery to behold.

Watch envious townsfolk stroll by from your back porch, outfitted with authentically modest furnishings and spare provisions for cookouts. Or recline under the stars with a Nightshade Honey Mead after some farflung campaign. After all, a patio is only as good as its nights.

A bit of forgotten backstory may be found to make the yard one's own.

drop everything into Data/Skyrim/
(contains ESP only)

Rarely, a bumblebee can knock stuff off your shelf. (Aerodynamically, they shouldn't even fly, let alone trash the place.)

It's always nice to see screenshots posted of your characters lounging around out back.

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