Beans Badass Men-- Male Compilation by Beans
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1) READ MY MODS USED LIST. None are required but different mods=different appearances for better OR FOR WORSE.

2) BELRAND, MARCURIO AND ATHIS’ weights are not fixed. Why? Because their vanilla weights were way too skinny IMO. Its really easy to fix this though, so PLEASE READ KNOWN ISSUES SECTION.

My mini-compilation featuring some male followers. Vilkas, Stenvar and Onmund couldn’t make it because they weren’t ready/looked too similar to other people’s interpretations.
If you want to use another modder’s facemorph for one of my characters, just place its .esp BELOW mine to override it. =)
And credits go to gnatozuj for making male companions and 83willow for her genius application on Jenassa’s warpaint.

Use NMM or manually drop the folder in the Skyrim root folder.
Use NMM or delete all of the files manually. If manually, remove the .TARGA, .dds, and the .NIF files with the codes all found in the READ MES located at
skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm and

Mods Used (none required)

For the screenshots I used Goddess ENB by anaphiel and Vibrant ENB by KyokushinOyama.

1- open up the console with the tilde key and then click on Marcurio/Athis/Belrand. In the console you should get a set of numbers and letters which is his basegame ID.
2- type in "setnpcweight XX" without the quotes and where XX is the value of the weight.
3- Marcurio’s weight is 50, Athis’ and Belrand’s are both 30
4- Hit enter, and exit the console. Weight should be fixed and warpaint will disappear (only temporary)
5- SAVE YOUR GAME and restart. From then on the neckseam will work forever throughout that playthrough and warpaint will be back to normal.