Riften Exposed - Maven - Dawnguard and Hearthfire compatible by Tentain Shade
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Added: 26/08/2012 - 06:20PM
Updated: 14/09/2012 - 09:51AM

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Last updated at 9:51, 14 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 18:20, 26 Aug 2012

Current Version: 0.68 Compatible with Thieves Guild questline, Not compatible with civil war imperial side.

Part 1 of Riften Exposed is basically done for now.
Added a quest to expose Maven Black-Briar- find an incriminating note linking her to the Dark Brotherhood to begin the quest.

Version: 0.77: Allows you to even do the quest itself, forgot to add some files to the download it appears.

Version 0.69: Just changed the Alias from being directed at letter, to just being the letter in general. Should fix the issue of people not getting the quest when they picked up the letter.

Version 0.67: Allows you to potentially finish the thieves guild with no Maven. May not be stable

Version 0.55: added the basic quest, I still need to make it compatable with the thieves guild and anything that had to do with Maven Black-Briar. As well as remove any dialog about her after she's gone.

Next Update: Remove Dialog about Maven after shes gone. Fix bug where Maven does not fight.

Update After Next: Add better dialog. Fix issues with having to do wth Thieves guild questline, and imperials questline. And perhaps Cut together voices (Oh fun..)

Plans after the dreaded Update After Next Update: Riften Exposed: The Sewer Thieves..

For people curious how progress is going on the next patch:
I'm taking a short break for maybe a day to see if I get any feedback.

Also if you're wondering why I said "hearthfire compatable", I'm just annoyed at the other mod with a "hearthfire ready" in it's title since Hearthfire is NOT even released yet. Regardless, should work just fine with it obviously.