MRECO - Magic Related Enchantments to Clothing Only by leron9999
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Restrict Magical Enchantments to Clothing
v0.7 Beta


In vanilla Skyrim, any player could get all sorts of physical and magical buffs and place it on armor. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's a bit of a blessing for people who have difficulty playing. If you're a mage, most clothes grant magical buffs like more magicka and such. The problem is, you could disenchant that piece of clothing and put it on some tough armor. So what then, is the point of all the clothing? This mod tries to address that.

-==What it does==-
It basically makes any enchantment that has to do with magic only applicable to clothing. This forces any mage player to choose between armor but no magical buffs, or clothing but very little in terms of armor.

Just drop the contents in the data folder and activate it using the launcher or NMM.

Just remove the contents.

-==Known Issues==-
-If you've got a mod that does something similar with enchantments, then this would most likely conflict with it.
-If you've modded before, you know how humongous the enchantment list is. There are bound to be magic enchantments that I missed.
-If you've got a mod that adds enchantments, chances are it won't be affected by this mod.

This is a tiny mod that I made in my spare time, so don't expect super fast updates if you find a game breaking bug. Use it at your own risk (though the risk is generally low).

Go wild with the mod. I'd appreciate some acknowledgement though. No need for permissions.

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