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*********LOTR - Herugrim by Naru1305********
Version 1.1


1.1: Add a second lether stripe to the scabbard and made the weapon usable for NPCs - should work now

Hey there, this is my first Skyrim-mod.
It adds the sword of King Theoden, Herugrim, from Lord of the Rings to Skyrim.
You can find it at the blacksmith under 'Steel' .
It is craftable and received a scabbard.
The sword has nearly the same stats as the daedric sword, not overpowerd.
Since it is a cavalry sword, it is only one-handed.

Model and textures made all by me from scratch

Please forgive me my bad english, it is not my native language.

Just unpack the archive and place the 'Herugrim.bsa' and 'Herugrim.esp' in your Skyrim 'Data' folder and activate it.
Or use NMM.

Delete the 'Herugrim.bsa' and 'Herugrim.esp' in your 'Data' folder

This mod is a standalone mod, so there should be no incompatabilities

[Tools Used]
Gimp 2.6
Autodesk Softimage
NifSkope 1.1.0-RC4
Creation Kit

If you want to use this sword for your mod, just write me a PM and credit me

[Special Thanks To]
Bethesda for it´s awesome game and tools
WETA for it´s brilliant design of LOTR stuff
LeckerHamster for his awesome tutorial of making a own weapon for Skyrim