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Added: 25/08/2012 - 03:05AM
Updated: 04/02/2013 - 04:05AM

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Last updated at 4:05, 4 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 3:05, 25 Aug 2012

There is already a mod that changes the vanilla Detect Life from a spell that you have to maintain to a "fire and forget" type that is active for 60 seconds. This mod does that as well but, instead of replacing Detect Life, it adds an Expert Level Detect Life II that is "fire and forget" with a 60 second duration.

Just so the Draugr didn't feel left out, I added an Expert Level Detect Dead II with a 60 second duration. And then, what the heck, let's add Detect Automata and Detect Automata II spells as well that detect Dwemer machines.

There are Spell Tomes added for each of the new spells and they should be available where-ever Expert Level magic spells are sold.

Version 1.01 update:

Just some basic cleanup of some version 1.0 issues:

Corrected Spelling on Detect Automata II
Correct Spell Tome name for Detect Automata II
Fixed display of spell cost on Detect Dead II
Spell Tome of Detect Life II now sold as a Adept level tome

The editor IDs for the spells and tomes are:

Spell: Detect Life II xx000d62
Spell: Detect Dead II xx0012c9
Spell: Detect Automata xx001d9b
Spell: Detect Automata II xx001d99

Spell Tome: Detect Life II xx0012ca
Spell Tome: Detect Dead II xx0012cc
Spell Tome: Detect Automata xx002861
Spell Tome: Detect Automata II xx002862

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