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Last updated at 3:04, 28 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 4:55, 24 Aug 2012

UPDATE: Many, many, many people (including Gopher) are reporting problems with the later versions of this mod. Everything from small issues to catastrophic gamebreaking bugs. I am slowly working on a new version (I have been extremely busy recently) and should have something completed in the next week or so. In the mean time, I understand if people stop using this mod and move to others. You can get a decent quality one Here, or try your luck with version 4.11 (Which many people have had no real issues with). I hope that in time people will come back to this mod and hopefully give it another try, but I understand how the horrible bugs combined with the long wait times for fixes could leave a sour taste in some peoples mouths. I apologize for any problems this mod may have caused, especially broken save games. I know how painful that can be.

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This mod makes lockpicking more useful while also removing the horribly annoying mini-game. It does so by replacing the mini-game with a chance-based system. The chance is increased by lockpicking skill and the lockpicking perks. It also adds Lock Bashing, Lock Forcing, and many other features.

In vanilla Skyrim, the lockpicking skill is pretty useless. I can pick a master lock at level 1 with enough patience and lockpicks. The only point in going to 100 lockpicking is to make the whole frustrating process slightly less annoying. This mod changes that. At lower skill levels, you will be unable to pick high level locks. You will also have a very low chance of picking low level locks - you are extremely likely to break 5 or 6 lockpicks just on a novice lock. As your skill increases, higher level locks can be picked, and lower level locks become significantly easier to pick.


Chance Based Lockpicking
You have a certain chance to pick locks based on your lockpicking skill and perks. The mod allows you to configure a base chance, which is the minimum chance you will have to pick any lock (and is also added on to each calculation).

The formula for determining the percentage chance for picking a lock is given by:
Base Chance + lockpick skill + generic perk bonus + specific perk bonus - lock level

Generic perk bonus and specific perk bonuses are given by Mastery perks and are configurable. By default every mastery perk gives +5% chance to pick every lock, as well as +5% chance of picking its associated lock (so the Novice Locks perks will give a +10% chance to pick novice locks, and a +5% chance to pick all other locks).

Lock Levels
Lock levels are enabled by default, and prevent you from picking certain locks based on your skill level. By default, you must have 25 lockpicking to pick Apprentice locks, 50 lockpicking to pick Adept locks, 75 to pick Expert locks and 100 for Master locks.

Pseudo-Random Distribution
Lockpicking Overhaul uses an optional PRD system to determine pick chances, which is enabled by default. The aim of this system is to improve the randomness algorithm by preventing long lucky and unlucky streaks. This is done on a per-lock basis, and works by starting off with a lower base chance than what is shown to you. As pick attempts fail, the chance increases until either the lock is picked or it reaches 100%. It is reset with every new lock.

More information on PRD can be found here, although my PRD system is slightly different.

Lock Bashing
You can attempt to bash open locks with any melee weapon. As long as your one or two handed skill is high enough (based on the weapon type), the lock will either be smashed open or will be damaged. Bashing locks is a crime and is certain to draw attention, so be careful. You can not bash locks with ranged weapons or spells. You can not bash open Master level locks.

Open Spell
Once you find this spell (it can not be bought), you can attempt to open locks using magic. Success is based on Alteration skill. This spell can be used to open locks from long range. You can not open Master level locks with this spell.

Lock Forcing
If you do not meed the requirements to pick a look, but have the ability to pick locks one level below it (lock is Adept, you can only pick Apprentice and below), you will be given the option to force a lock open. This has half the chance of success that picking does, and if you fail, the lock will be damaged.

Lock Melting
By crafting strong acid, you can melt through any lock. Lock melting is effectively silent, so it will not alert others and will not be considered a crime. In order to craft acid, you must find and read the book "Guide to Faster Lockpicking" to learn the recipe.

Immersive Mode
By selecting this option, you will bypass the menu automatically and will always attempt to pick/force locks you activate. When this mode is active, you will be able to melt locks using a spell, which is added when this mode is activated.

Lock Objects
If this feature is enabled, you can lock any object you have a key for.

Other Features
You can run this mod alongside the original lockpicking system present within Skyrim by turning on Vanilla Lockpicking. It will stil obey all rules imposed by this mod, such as lock level restrictions, and the perks will behave how they normally would in the minigame.

There is a feature allowing lockpicks to be crafted at a forge. The amount of iron ingots required and the amount of lockpicks created is configurable. This feature can be enabled in the MCM menu.


If SkyRe is installed, perks in brackets will be used instead.

Novice-Master Locks (Light Fingers 1-5)
all increase chances by a specific amount based on lock type, as well as all locks by a global amount.

Wax Key (Keymaster)
Same as Vanilla

Quick Hands (Locksmith)
Reduces minimum level requirements for lockpicking. Improves lockpicking chances. Allows you to pick locks without being detected.

Locksmith (Locksmith)
Improves base chance by a small amount. Can instantly pick novice and apprentice locks for free, even without picks

Unbreakable (none)
Lockpicks only break 50% of the time. Improves Lockpicking chances.

Perk descriptions are not changed, so as to maintain compatibility with mods that alter lockpicking perks. These perks will always function with this mod, even if they are changed by other mods.

Either use NMM or extract the contents of the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder. If upgrading from a previous version please make a clean save. To create a clean save, do the following:

1. Deactivate the mod
2. Load up your save.
3. Click "Yes" when it asks you to continue despite missing content
4. After the game is loaded, save the game again
5. Activate the new version
6. Load your newly created save

Before uninstalling, you must go into the configuration menu and turn off the mod (Uncheck "Mod Active"). You can then uninstall the mod as normal. This is not required if upgrading.

This version of the mod is only available in English, however other language versions will be linked here as they become available from third parties.

Languages Available:
Italian (Version 3.6)

Known Bugs

This mod does not edit any vanilla forms. Should be compatible with anything and everything. Compatible with SkyRe out of the box, no patches required.


-Initial Release

-Fixed a bug where you would be forced to pick locks that you had a key for

-Fixed a small bug which prevented locks with strength 1 from working properly

-Non-public developer testing release
-Complete rewrite from scratch. Adds many new features.

-Fixes many of the bugs in 2.0

-Skeleton Key support implemented. Select "Skeleton Key" in the lockpicking menu to use it. It works just like a key, except it cannot be used on "requires key" doors (obviously)
-Fixed a bug where you could keep retrying (and keep getting free pick attempts) after failing to pick a lock even with 0 lockpicks
-Added new config option which allows the mod to use notifications instead of message boxes

-Everything should now run faster.
-Changed some of the perks:
--Deft Hands is once again called Quick Hands. Instead of reducing minimum by 5 and then further reducing it with Talented, Quick Hands now reduces it by 10 (default - adjustable).
--The Talented perk has been removed, and the original Wax Key perk has been restored in it's place. This works exactly the same way it did in Vanilla
--Lock Breaker and Lock Destroyer perks have been changed back to their vanilla counterparts. Lock Destroying is now unlocked through the mastery perks, as is Lock Forcing.
--Locksmith perk changed. Instead of making lockpicks break only 75% of the time, it now allows the player to pick Novice and Apprentice locks instantly, and without lockpicks. The Unbreakable perk still only allows 50% lockpicks to break.
-Added a Pseudo-Random Distribution system. See the description for details.
-The mod is now configurable by the MCM Menu added in the latest SkyUI Alpha. SkyUI is not a required mod and this feature is optional

-Fixed bug that was preventing Locksmith from allowing you to open Novice locks
-Fixed bug where version 3 was not awarding XP for successful lockpicking (whoops!)
-Fixed page 0/0 showing in the Crouch Settings in the configuration book
-PRD Text in the configuration book should now not abruptly cut off halfway through a sentence.
-Main menu now shows your lockpicks
-Notification about lock level ("You need xx lockpicking skill to pick this lock") now shows the bonus you have from perks in brackets
-Notification about chance to pick ("Chance to pick: xx%") now shows bonus given by the Locksmith perk in brackets

-Configuration is now a spell. You will find it under Powers.
-Added "Guide to Faster Lockpicking" to the Thieves Guild HQ in the Ragged Flagon. It is a regular book.
-Added Lock Melting.
-Updated the MCM menu and Config menu to match new lock melting mechanic.
-When installing, text in the corner tells you what version you are running.
-A few other minor things

-A few bug fixes
-Configuration can now be added/removed via MCM menu, for people who like to reduce clutter in their spell list
--Make sure you have the configuration spell if you plan on uninstalling MCM, as the only other way to relearn the spell is with the console
-"Guide to Faster Lockpicking" now has a weight of 1 and a value of 15, instead of being weightless and worthless
-The mod now uses lockpicking sounds from the game when certain events occur, such as picking a lock or breaking a pick
--I do not have a sound for lock breaking, as I can not find a good quality royalty free sound to use
--If anyone has any suggestions for sounds, please send me a PM

-Mod now automatically detects MCM menu and adds/removes configuration spell as necessary.
--If you wish to keep the config spell, turn this feature off in the MCM menu.
---After turning this feature off, re-acquiring the spell requires you to save and load your game.
-Cleaned mod with TESVEdit. Removed 1 dirty record.
-SkyRe Support
--This is the important feature of this update
--SkyRe is detected automatically. There is no need to use compatibility patches.
--When SkyRe is activated, lockpicking relies on the Pickpocket skill. (Fingersmith)
--When SkyRe is activated, LPO uses the Pickpocket perks instead of lockpicking perks. See the perks section for details.
-Config Menu now has Default settings like MCM does
-Made scripts more efficient. Mod should now run a bit faster.
-Will now open menu when sneaking instead of just saying you cannot pick the lock if the sneak action is unavailable
-Added version number to config menu
-Added support for Fortify Lockpicking items
--%age increase items will add their total percent to lockpicking chance
-Added Vanilla Lockpicking option to Sneak Menu
-"Lockpick Modes" added.
--Vanilla Lockpicking has been changed from a standard feature to a lockpicking mode.
--This means that Randomised Lockpicking and Vanilla Lockpicking can be used individually or together independently of each other
--This also means that the mod can be used to enhance the vanilla lockpicking system without using the randomized lockpicking algorithm.
--Other lockpicking modes to come in the future

Fixes a small bug where using keys would not open doors, and instead do nothing. No clean save required if upgrading from 3.4

Skeleton key should no longer override doors which you have a key for.

-Fixed a bug where Lock Melting wouldn't work without lockpicks
-Lockpick chance now only shows if you have randomized lockpicking mode turned on

Added support for SkyUI 3 Release version. "Keep Config Spell" should work properly now.
Added Base Pick Chances for every lock level, allowing you to configure them individually. Set them to 0 to use the global base pick chance.
Added Lock Level multiplier and Skill Level multiplier, for people using mods which alter things such as max skill levels.
Added XP Multiplier, allowing adjustment of XP given per lockpick attempt. I usually lower this for more challenge, but it should probably be left alone.

4.0 Beta
Beta release.
Completely rewritten everything. The mod now runs significantly faster and is generally more responsive.
Bashing completely reworked. No longer requires perks, and can be done with any weapon (and the weapon will not break). However, it now requires you to have certain 1 or 2 handed skills depending on the weapon used. Bashing locks is a crime and will get you arrested.
Added an open lock spell. This spell can be used to unlock things from range and is based on Alteration skill. Also considered a crime, so be careful.
Added many other new features, please read changed description above

4.0 Beta 2 (4.01)
-NPCs can no longer bash locks. Should fix random bounty issues.
-Added more checks for Brawl Bug issues for Take Up Arms quest.
-Added MCM Strings table. Translation should be easier now.
-Hopefully fixed Papyrus Log spam on empty alias objects (UNTESTED. Please confirm)
-Added Descriptions for many MCM items

Ask me. I will usually say yes, I just want to know what is going on

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